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I wrote a ton for the first bonus round this year. I wrote sixteen fills just by myself, and since it's a struggle for me to write LESS than a thousand words, that comes out to somewhere in the neighborhood of 22-24k words or thereabouts. I was productive as fuck, and I'm pleased as hell.

But I know there were a handful of prompts I still really wanted to fill -- BroCronus exotic modeling, DirkCronus meeting in a club, SlickDualscar sushi business meeting, CronusKankri promise ring marriage deception -- and I'm bummed out that I'm not going to get to do them, now. And the thing is, I resigned myself to not doing them almost a week ago. My team has been close to the fill cap for a WHILE (we're at 34 of 35 fills right now, and two of my teammates have something in progress), and as much as I just love writing from good prompts, I don't want to burn out. I want to be useful to my team throughout the summer, not just productive for my own sake right at the beginning.

At least two of these prompts haven't gotten filled at all, and I sort of want to wave vigorously at the prompter like, I enjoy your idea! I think it is a good prompt! I'd like to write it, but maybe sometime later when I don't have other obligations!

I remember last year there being a remix round, or something, where the point was to remix fills from other rounds and fill prompts that never got done, and I really hope something like that is incorporated this year. I'd love to, in maybe two months time, get a shot at all the BR prompts that were passed over the first time through. It's just such a good feeling.
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I know no one in this competition thinks to look at a person's dreamwidth page, because 80% of the participants don't really USE dreamwidth and have blank journals and forget there might be CONTENT on the journal, but.

God bless everyone who is writing fills for me. I've gotten such nice stuff, and I feel a little guilty when I read newer ones before longer ones I've already gotten, so I sort of want to gently whisper no dear person I am not ignoring the thing you made on purpose, I am saving it lovingly in a tab because it's probably something I have fondly dreamed of and I want to savor it when I read it. But I get fluttery and put it off until I can definitely write a nice comment back.

I love this competition so much, this year has such a great atmosphere so far.
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Since this is a mystery exchange, I can't talk about who I'm writing for or what fandom or the content of my fic, but I totally can ramble in my personal, fandom-exchange-geared journal.

I've been signing up for a lot of exchanges this year. I've finished assignments for Jadefest and Rarepair Swap, and after Night on Fic Mountain I signed up for Drone Season, too. I feel like the other exchanges had shorter work periods -- Jadefest's went by so fast and Drone Season is a month and change, and Rarepair Swap I was a pinch-hitter and had a week -- but this exchange gives me a solid six weeks to write.

But it overlaps with the HSWC (and Drone Season now, holy shit, I am going to die) so I really wanted to GET IT DONE before the HSWC starts to really pick up. I wrote for a solid chunk of today, and have about two-thirds of a story that feels solid so far, and it's not going to be War and Peace, but it's already over the minimum word count.

Mostly, it feels weird as hell to finish a gift exchange assignment only a third of the way into the work period! I feel like even if I wrap it up tomorrow and lock someone down for a quick beta job, I'm posting the thing TOO SOON, TOO SOON! But man, it'll be so satisfying to actually turn in a gift-fic for an exchange on a day that's NOT the last day before the deadline.
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Main rounds are hard, they're hard and only other HSWC participants understand.

Or: It took me two weeks to actually concept the idea I want to do and now that I at least have the merest shreds of a plan, it'd be great if I could calm my attention-deficiting brain long enough to execute the actual creative portion of this endeavor.

On the upside, deadlines tend to benefit me, and the fact that five days remain is beginning to put me into crunchtime. If I can make peace with not writing today, I think I'll be able to bust out my thinking cap tomorrow and marathon through the writing process.

It's three point five thousand words, how hard's it gonna be?

(Spoilers: Really damn hard because I get too big for my britches and that's too SHORT how do I stay within word counts??)
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Yeaaaaah bonus round 2 has been underway for a whole day now!

I wasn't super enthused about this round at first, because I am a solitary creative by nature, and when it comes to collaboration I prefer to pick and choose. Besides that, despite loving second person narration I have a hard time getting into the gimmicky, goofy narrative style of HOMESTUCK. But! I really love round robins!!

Once I posted a few starts of my own and began replying to other people's fanventure threads I just completely lost control of my fandom-life, please send help. I've posted on eleven different fanventures of fairly varied pairings (I lie, I gravitate towards anything with Dave or John or Dirk in it, but I have done a bunch with none of my favorites in!), in several cases posting numerous times.

I kinda sent an ask to the HSWC announcements tumblr inquiring whether it's acceptable to get into a back-and-forth with one person, and I appreciate the spirit of this game and not turning a thread into a two-person marathon with everyone else closed out, but I definitely didn't sit on one thread and only do fills for that one person. I sat on a BUNCH of threads, and back-and-forthed with different sets of one or two people.

Which is probably also a little bit not in the spirit of the game, but I personally consider it a product of the hour of the night it was, because I feel like I pretty much did a fill for the majority of participants actively posting.

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I feel so accomplished, actually having my subscription list on dreamwidth populated by anything at all after about two years of barely using this thing.

Too bad y'all are all my hswc teammates and the chance of any of us properly updating these things with entries worth reading is slim. Still, think we climbed this whole dreamwidth mountain.

Seriously I am real excited for this thing, and I'd maybe actually use this journal to ramble about shit because my tumblr does not need that many tl;dr textposts. I should link my tumblr on here already. (It's [ profile] elegantanagram)
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