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Hello, mystery creator!

Firstly, let me thank you for writing for me. Whatever we've matched on, it's a fandom I believe deserves more love, and I am delighted that you'll be making new content for it. I've used my sign-up itself to talk about the things I like best with the characters and ships I've requested, so I'd mostly like to use this space to talk about my general likes and dislikes, and perhaps to give a few more specific prompts, if you'd like those.

Before everything else, the one request I make of you is that you avoid the following: gratuitous angst for angst's sake, rape, abuse, physical assault, terminal or mental illnesses, homophobia as a plot device, jealousy as a plot device, pregnancy or child-rearing, and foot fetishes.

My dislikes aside, things I love tend to include character-focused stories, strong narrative voices, thoughtful pacing, experimental plot structures (if you think you can pull it off), innovative language and vivid descriptions, and anything that plays with reader expectations only to subvert them in interesting ways.

In terms of content, I love themes about friendship and teamwork, rivalry and competition; I love explorations of leadership, authority, and mentorship, and I love to see power dynamics and mindgames playing out between characters. I love really fraught, tense relationships where characters challenge and push each other, but I also love quiet moments between characters with a focus on caretaking and domesticity.

For more specifics on things I like and dislike in fic, I also like to link this post, for lengthier elaboration.

With these fandoms, I'm most interested in canon-based content for ping pong and silver spoon in particular, but overall I really love AUs! If you have any such ideas, I'd absolutely love to read such a story. My preferences trend toward fantasy, science fiction, and crime-related AUs, but for more specifics on what kinds of AUs I love and why, I direct you to this post.

Anyway! This is all the general stuff I absolutely wanted to have down before assignments go out. If you're reading this before Tuesday or Wednesday, check back, because I do usually give specific prompts and won't have time to add those until then. But mostly, I'm excited to see something for these fandoms I love with these characters I adore, and as long as you avoid the things I really dislike, I'm sure I'll love whatever you create!
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Hello there, mystery creator!

First, thank you for writing for me. I'm delighted that you too love one of these series that is near and dear to my heart.

That said, I'm including a "dear author" letter because I think it's important and helpful to give an idea of things I like to see in stories and things I really dislike and would like to see avoided, but beyond the things I've said in my sign-up itself, I don't have a lot of prompt scenarios this year. The fandoms I chose are mostly ones I've loved for a really, really long time, and what I'm hoping for is character study or otherwise really character-driven fic.

In general I adore stories with thoughtful characterization, good pacing, and strong worldbuilding. I love examinations of friendship and the ways people depend on each other. I like seeing tropes inverted or played with in unexpected ways. With these fandoms, a really good take on a character's voice, or vibrant details and an intriguing portrayal of the canon world, will really endear me to your story.

When it comes to things I'd like to avoid, I'm not big on angst. I can happily read things about characters making tough choices or being in untenable situations, but I just really dislike tragedy for tragedy's sake, or anything really over-the-top horrible. I'd appreciate if you also avoid any content to do with rape, abuse, terminal or mental illnesses, or homophobia as a plot device. I'd also prefer not to receive anything with pregnancy or child-rearing, or foot fetishes.

Besides these really basic details, allow me to talk a little about my fandoms

Young Wizards )

The Immortals )

HunterxHunter )

Oofuri )

Anyway, in closing, the fandoms I've picked this year are mostly ones I've loved for many years and all ones I love for the CHARACTERS most of all, especially the ones I selected. I've tried to give a lot of insight into what I love about these series and what I'd love to see in fic, but the #1 rule to making me happy is just -- love the character, portray them as well as you can, for their strengths and their weaknesses.

And thank you, for writing for me!

(Also if you're really enthusiastic to write porn I might write a quick and dirty second post about my Porn Opinions in another day or two)
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Since this is a mystery exchange, I can't talk about who I'm writing for or what fandom or the content of my fic, but I totally can ramble in my personal, fandom-exchange-geared journal.

I've been signing up for a lot of exchanges this year. I've finished assignments for Jadefest and Rarepair Swap, and after Night on Fic Mountain I signed up for Drone Season, too. I feel like the other exchanges had shorter work periods -- Jadefest's went by so fast and Drone Season is a month and change, and Rarepair Swap I was a pinch-hitter and had a week -- but this exchange gives me a solid six weeks to write.

But it overlaps with the HSWC (and Drone Season now, holy shit, I am going to die) so I really wanted to GET IT DONE before the HSWC starts to really pick up. I wrote for a solid chunk of today, and have about two-thirds of a story that feels solid so far, and it's not going to be War and Peace, but it's already over the minimum word count.

Mostly, it feels weird as hell to finish a gift exchange assignment only a third of the way into the work period! I feel like even if I wrap it up tomorrow and lock someone down for a quick beta job, I'm posting the thing TOO SOON, TOO SOON! But man, it'll be so satisfying to actually turn in a gift-fic for an exchange on a day that's NOT the last day before the deadline.
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Hello there, mystery author!

Since you've been paired with me, that means we share an interest in at least one less-loved piece of media, and that makes you awesome in my book already. I expect to be delighted with any piece of writing about these series, but that doesn't mean some pointers on what I love and loathe in stories would be amiss.

Let us continue on into the nitty-gritties! )
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