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Chocolate Box: Dear Author Letter

First and foremost, thank you for writing for me, anonymous stranger!

I'm always awfully long-winded with letters, so I'll try to make this one as comprehensive as possible, and make my extra info as optional as possible. My sign-up itself has prompts for all of my ships, but here you will find extra info on my reading preferences, my thoughts on these canons, and my thoughts on the characters themselves.

If you would like to read a post on my general likes and dislikes in fiction, that can be found here.

If you're considering writing an AU and would like to read a post on the sorts of AUs I like and dislike, that can be found here.

For easy reference, my hard list of no's is the following: gratuitous angst for angst's sake, rape, abuse, physical assault, terminal or mental illnesses, homophobia as a plot device, jealousy as a plot device, pregnancy or child-rearing, and foot fetishes.

Beyond that general info, my opinions about my fandoms are below. I invite you to read whichever sections are relevant to those series we match on, and am very excited that one of these series I'm very fond of is something you're interested in as well!

Daiya no Ace

Ship Requested: Miyuki Kazuya/Tanba Kouichirou

Spoiler Policy: I'm anime-only and would prefer manga spoilers be avoided in the case of games and similar plot-pivotal details. However, considering the ship I'm asking for, I feel any canon fic would be easiest to fit in during Tanba's third year, or in the future after they both have graduated, so I'm not very worried about spoilers being a matter for concern.

AU Policy: Yes please; with these two crime, fantasy, or sci-fi could do in a pinch, but I'd especially like to see them getting to know each other and working out differences in an alternate setting.

Why I Love This Ship: Tanba and Miyuki are my two favorite characters in daiya, and their relationship is one of my favorites in the series because it's quietly contentious and no other pair of characters hit quite that same note. I love that Tanba makes no secret of his dislike for Miyuki and his preference to work with Chris, and I love even more that this does not deter Miyuki at all. Miyuki is the sort of person who loves a challenge and who is only encouraged when something is hard, and I love how he slowly works away at Tanba, bringing him around into a fragile sort of partnership. I love that even once Miyuki succeeds, that partnership isn't easy and smooth, it's something they have to work at, moving carefully with each other and continuing to figure each other out.

My primary headcanon for Miyuki is that he's a sex-positive aromantic who is nevertheless too extroverted to be happy alone. What this means to me is, I especially like to see him struggling in a relationship, because he's all about picking at people and figuring them out, but figuring out himself and his own feelings doesn't have the same appeal. If this is a headcanon you can run with, I will adore you, because this is just a ship where I love to see them feeling each other out.

Optional Prompts:

-Get together fic focusing on what Miyuki has to do to get Tanba to even give him the time of day. Because Miyuki is definitely the pursuer in this circumstance.

-The fic where, under whatever circumstance, Tanba is the romantic pursuer. I feel like this would be far more uncommon with them (and with Tanba in general) so I'd love to see how that version of events comes about and plays out.

-Hatemance. I just really want the fic where Tanba's head says "I dislike this person and want nothing more to do with him than I have to" but his libido says "fucking go for it." Bonus points for Miyuki being entirely aware that Tanba doesn't LIKE him and reveling in the fact that Tanba is going to say yes to him anyway.

-Straight up FWB fic in general. The version of events where they figure out their battery and figure out how to sleep with each other along the way. It might not be romantic love but they worked out how to work with each other.

-Something paralleling the respect both Tanba and Miyuki clearly feel for Chris would be lovely. I'd like to see them bonding over the degree of respect and admiration they each have for Chris and reaching common ground through that.

-Not a prompt per se, but: I enjoy trans dude Miyuki as a headcanon, and while it's not my primary headcanon, I would be happy to receive it in a fic! I am comfy reading sexual content about trans characters, just for reference.

-Crime AU! Wherein Miyuki is strategy and Tanba is muscle and they have to learn to work as a team, Tanba begrudgingly saving Miyuki and pulling him out of a tight spot, Miyuki taking too many risks in general, or perhaps Miyuki and Tanba being from rival organizations and feeling each other out, anything in this vein is adored.

-Fantasy AU! I would love to see knight Tanba dealing with mage Miyuki who has simply decided he's coming along for the ride, or an AU where Tanba and Miyuki are both magician apprentices rubbing against each other's nerves.

Eyeshield 21

Ship Requested: Hiruma Youichi/Kongo Agon

Spoiler Policy: I'm a manga reader and everything is fair game, although I'm more interested in interpersonal stories than very football-oriented stories, here.

AU Policy: Yes please; with these two I feel that crime or war settings are extra fitting, or any sort of sci-fi or fantasy with dangerous technology/magic and high-stakes elements.

Why I Love This Ship: Hiruma and Agon are my two most favorite characters in Eyeshield, and I especially love their dynamic for its antagonism. With them, I want to see them pushing each other, challenging each other, making the other work for every inch of ground that's given in response. I love that Agon is so boundlessly talented as to look down on everyone else who doesn't approach his level with no thought at all, and I love that Hiruma is NOT that, that Hiruma has had to work and claw and THINK his way into whatever position of advantage he makes.

Optional Prompts:

-Agon and Hiruma trying to psych each other out before a match, bring on the mindgames and psychological warfare.

-Any non-football instance of Agon and Hiruma running mindgames on each other. Maybe they just love the thrill of the competition in any arena.

-Hatesex. My headcanon for Hiruma is that he's asexual but not sex-repulsed and specifically views sex as "just another weapon in the metaphorical arsenal." Show me Hiruma and Agon fucking for leverage, fucking as a way of figuring each other out, fucking as a means of getting the upper hand.

-Agon or Hiruma indisputably getting the better of the other. The "what" and the "how" can be anything, and I'm equally happy to see either at advantage. Just show me what the other does when he's actually backed into a corner.

-Not a prompt, but: trans dude Hiruma is something that has been proposed to me and which I find pretty interesting, so if that's something you'd like to explore (in conjunction with any of my other prompts) have at it. I'm comfy reading about trans characters in sexual situations, also, if that is a concern.

-Crime AUs! The one in which Hiruma and Agon are both hitmen paid to target each other, or the one in which they're rival crime bosses trying to snuff out the competition, or the one in which only ONE is a crime boss and the other is in a position trying to undermine him (Hiruma's blackmail against crime lord Agon?), or just anything in this vein.

-Sci-fi AUs! I like war settings best with a sci-fi spin so if you want to do anything with that, have at it. I also like the idea of genetically or technologically augmented Agon as a ~perfected human~ juxtaposed with Hiruma who's had to make his own advantages in a world that allows for such things. I also think space pirate Hiruma would be a blast, or them competing to accomplish XYZ thing in space in general.

Fate/Stay Night

Ship Requested: Kotomine Kirei & Tohsaka Rin

Spoiler Policy: I'm familiar with the Fate/Zero anime and the Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works anime; I haven't played any of the visual novels and am unlikely to do so any time soon. If you're familiar with supplemental canon and want to use it in your fic, have at it, I'm not fussed about spoilers. I simply ask that any material unfamiliar to me be portrayed in a way I can follow without prior knowledge.

AU Policy: For this canon, I'm more interested in canon-compliant or canon-divergent fics than full AUs, but am definitely interested in alternate timelines or what-ifs, and if you have a really good AU idea that you're itching to write, I will not say no.

Why I Love This Ship: I really adore Tohsaka Rin, and despite myself, I'm fascinated by Kirei and have come to love him as a character. I find it really fascinating that Rin's entire life has been working toward the holy grail war, that she was raised with the expectation she would one day have to fight and has been taught with the intent of building up a knowledge base useful to that end. I would love to read anything that explores Rin as a character or her backstory, and feel that Kirei is an important, fascinating part of that.

I love that there's no love lost between Rin and Kirei, even though (in UBW timeline at least) she isn't aware he killed her father. Nevertheless, I find the way Kirei takes responsibility for Rin to be really interesting, and am fond of the idea of him serving as a mentor to her as much as he is able (or she allows him), for whatever reasons he cites as motivation.

Optional Prompts:

-Anything addressing Rin first meeting Kirei while he's apprenticing with her father, or with their interactions during that time.

-Something set shortly after the F/0 holy grail war and Rin's father's funeral, exploring how Rin and Kirei work out their new life together and all the pitfalls that doubtlessly entails.

-Anything with Kirei mentoring Rin. She's clearly resistant to the idea, but knows that she requires more knowledge than she has if she's going to fight in the next holy grail war, so I'd love to see the negotiation that likely goes into this.

-Something touching on the fact that after obtaining Lancer for a servant in the next holy grail war, Kirei uses his servant to protect (Shirou and) Rin.

-In that same vein: any character study of Kirei focusing on how he feels toward Rin and possibly her father, and on the situation he's placed himself in regarding the Tohsakas.

-Not a prompt, but: while I'm aware that this is an & ship and have no expectation of ship fic, I would like to say that I am interested in the possibility of sexual or romantic tension between Kirei and Rin, if that's something you're interested in exploring. I like the thought of Rin very slowly developing fondness for or attraction to Kirei and being irritated about it, and I especially like the thought of her dealing with it by trying to take charge and maintain control of the situation.

-In that same vein: I like the thought of Rin's confidence in herself and her desire to be informed and in control of situations, and would enjoy seeing that portrayed with Kirei in any way, just in general.

Samurai Flamenco

Ship Requested: Konno Akira/Ishihara Sumi

Spoiler Policy: I've watched the entire anime and consumed whatever supplemental canon has come my way through translations, so anything and everything you have access to is fair game.

AU Policy: I enjoy them! For this series I don't have a preference, really — the canon offers lots of fantastical things to work with if one so desires — but if you have an AU idea you like and want to write, have at it.

Why I Love This Ship: I'm so incredibly, wildly serious about this ship. For all that Konno might appear to be harassing Ishihara, she misses him when he does stop calling (and he does, he listens) and seems to enjoy their conversations in her own way. I'm really invested in the dynamic where Ishihara calls the shots and keeps Konno at arm's length, and where Konno is entirely alright with that because he's willing to take direction and because giving her the lead means that their relationship is always entertaining. Being kept engaged is his first priority and I really think Ishihara could give him that, with how demanding and self-motivated she is, and how willing she would be to keep him on his toes.

Optional Prompts:

-Femdom. I won't bother being coy, my number one desire is for Ishihara to step on Konno. (And for Konno to like it.)

-Ishihara and Konno having to team up for unlikely reasons. What's the reason this time? I'm open to any and all answers.

-Developing relationship fic. I feel Ishihara would insist on a lot of negotiation, a lot of rules, and I want to see how that unfolds and how they slowly slip into each other's lives in a way that works.

-Anything in which Ishihara and Konno begin helping each other out with their respective careers in more and more ways and form a relationship through that.

-The fic where they get married for tax purposes. Ishihara is so practical, I could see her having a not-quite-relationship with Konno for years because she doesn't exactly want to be alone, but doesn't want to waste time and effort dating, and he's right there and entirely willing. I'd love to see the natural progression of that (which is probably: marriage and cohabitation and continuing to insist they're not together-together, not really.)


Ship Requested: Kaminashi Nozomi/Shirayuki Kyoko, Kaminashi Nozomi/Ujibe Nagisa

Spoiler Policy: I've watched the anime and read the manga, actually, so either canon is fair game and I'm not fussed about spoilers. If you want to draw on the exam arc in any way, I'd find that delightful.

AU Policy: I'm not especially interested in AUs with this canon. Fandom for it doesn't really exist and I haven't gotten the chance to write anything myself, so I'd love to see the canon relationships explored first and foremost.

Why I Love This Ship: I have two ships for this one, but I'll break both down, starting with my deep and abiding love for Nozomi, who is my favorite character and the exact sort of shounen protagonist type that I love. I adore her because she has the hot-headed, dive in first and come up swinging, attitude of a shounen protag, but she's also got the mind of a tactician and is excellent at assessing her opponents and coming up with strategies to beat them. I also love how great she is about separating her job from her social life; on the land Nozomi is all business and will fight to win as hard as she can, but as soon as the match is over, she's the first to make sure her opponent is okay and to offer them comfort and compliments. I sincerely adore Kaminashi Nozomi.

With Nozomi and Shirayuki, I really love the contrast between them. Nozomi is brash and rough around the edges whereas Shirayuki is polished and reserved, not to mention a little old fashioned. I love how Nozomi is excited to fight someone who's already a pro, and how she acknowledges all the ways Shirayuki is more skilled than her, but also refuses to put Shirayuki on a pedestal. I really love mentoring relationships so it appeals to me from that angle, and I love very different characters learning how to work with each other and exist in each other's space.

With Nozomi and Ujibe, it's so INTERESTING to me how Ujibe clearly sees some of herself from her younger days in Nozomi, and it's great seeing the ways she both refuses to cut Nozomi any slack in spite of it, while also giving her some softer treatment because of it. It's implied that Ujibe injured herself using the technique she tries to discourage Nozomi from mastering, so I really appreciate that she's acting out of concern for Nozomi: if she can't deter her from this, Ujibe will do everything in her power to prepare Nozomi's body for what Nozomi is asking from it. I really like Nozomi and Ujibe as foils to each other and feel a lot can be done with that.

Optional Prompts:

-Nozomi and Shirayuki meeting again as pros and fighting each other as equals, finding out more about each other in the process.

-Nozomi and Shirayuki navigating the challenge that is starting/maintaining a relationship while being in active professional competition with each other, exploring the sorts of strain that puts on their private life.

-Nozomi and Shirayuki having downtime together, doing domestic things, or training together, or cohabiting and learning how to live with each other.

-Character study, either on Nozomi and Shirayuki as contrasts, or on Nozomi and Ujibe as a mirror to each other. Bonus for not-Nozomi POV.

-Nozomi and Ujibe keeping in touch after Nozomi's graduation from Keijo school, bonus points for Nozomi being just as irreverant as always and Ujibe kicking her butt a little.

-Ujibe coming to one of Nozomi's pro matches once she makes her debut, and their relationship changing and developing from there.

-Anything focusing on how Ujibe or Shirayuki has been a mentor to Nozomi, and how hard Nozomi works as a pupil to learn and improve.

-Anything that focuses on the age and maturity difference between these pairs. With Nozomi and Shirayuki the gap is smaller but still exists; with Nozomi and Ujibe I imagine it as more of a weight on whatever relationship they develop and would love to see that explored.

-Sexy fic! I love sex scenes as character exploration, so I'd love to see how either pair acts in the bedroom, the sort of push-pull that might go on and how it differs from the way they act in public.

-In the same vein as the maturity difference prompt: the same thing, in a sexual context, with Ujibe teaching Nozomi a thing or two in the bedroom, maybe Nozomi being extra enthusiastic and Ujibe making her pace herself to improve her stamina.

Gundam Wing

Ship Requested: Sally Po & Lucrezia Noin, Relena Peacecraft & Heero Yuy, Treize Khushrenada/Lady Une, Treize Khushrenada/Zechs Merquise

Spoiler Policy: I've just rewatched the entire anime, so everything is fair game. I'm not interested in the supplemental material beyond Endless Waltz, though, and would rather not have it incorporated in fanwork for me.

AU Policy: With this fandom, I'm more interested in canon-based work than AUs, but would definitely enjoy canon divergence or what-if exploration. I'm also fine with handwaving Treize's death, if you'd like to write something post-series with him. That said, I'm not opposed to AUs, and would be most interested in other flavors of sci-fi or crime AUs with a sci-fi bent.

Why I Love This Fandom: I missed the boat with Gundam Wing the first time around; I didn't get into the fandom when all of my friends did, and was never as huge of a fan. But I've recently rewatched the entire series and have found that as an adult, I really love all of the adults in the show? I adore fictional politics and negotiations and war games and Gundam series always deliver there, I love the characters differing outlooks on war and about the ways they choose to pursue their goals. Treize is my favorite character, but besides the ships listed, I also really like Zechs' relationship with Noin, Noin's relationship with Lady Une, and Relena's relationship with both Noin and Lady Une. While I don't expect it, I will be delighted if you bring more ladies into a fic for me, for any of the pairings I have requested.

I will say, I think all the ages in Gundam Wing are utter bullshit, the child soldiers should be child soldiers but every important "adult" should be about a decade older for their plotline to make sense, so if you want to futz the ages to make things less ridiculous, I support you.

Also, if you'd like to read any of my gundam wing livetweet it's a bit of a mess and contains a lot of screaming, but might be a fun time for another gundam wing fan.

Optional Prompts:

-Sally Po & Lucrezia Noin: The most interesting thing to me, with them, is the degree of faith they put in the gundam pilot they have met, while still being incredibly capable in their own right. I'd love to see anything with them bonding from this angle, or any fic that showcases what talented, hardworking women they are, doing what they must for the things they believe. I also especially love that Noin is a teacher, instructing mobile suit pilots in how to fight, and anything that touches on this will be delightful to me.

-Relena Peacecraft & Heero Yuy: I absolutely adore Relena and Heero's relationship, as it exists with no romance. I love their fascination with each other, and how as the conflict goes on they each become something the other can orient by, a fixed point that will remain the same even amidst all the chaos. I love that Relena is an overt representation of peace, and how when Heero is asked what hope is for him, he cannot answer (because Relena is his idea of hope, he's staking everything on her, in a way.) I'd really love future fic with them, or character study exploring a dichotomy between them, Relena as a beacon of peace, Heero as a product of war. I'd also love to see Noin, Lady Une, or Sally Po in the picture if that's relevant to you, but is not expected.

-Treize Khushrenada/Lady Une: With these two, I love the contrast between them, and the different but similar ways they're devoted to each other. Treize is refined and diplomatic and always thinking ahead; Lady Une is the one willing to use blunt force as necessary, to sacrifice anything she must in Treize's name. There's a point in the series where Treize expresses worry about Lady Une fracturing herself, and considers himself responsible, and that just tears me up. I'd love any fic that showcases their ways of caring for each other, or character study from either of their POVs, or sex, I really love the idea of Lady Une initiating because she thinks Treize needs stress relief, and him gently turning it around on her to give her the same thing.

-Treize Khushrenada/Zechs Merquise: HELLO, THE OTP, if I had to pick a single ship as my FAVORITE Gundam Wing ship, this would be it. I'm really weak to "knight and his lord" dynamics and their relationship fits that well enough to ruin me. I love how unswervingly loyal Zechs is to Treize, and how even when Treize puts him in completely untenable situations his only impulse is to fight to rise to the challenge, rather than to resent the person who put him there.

This is obviously optional, but I really like the idea of Treize/Une and Treize/Zechs existing in tandem. I would love to read something where Zechs grew out his hair because Treize has a thing for long hair, or anything with Treize paying special attention/brushing/washing/pulling Zechs' hair. If you're inclined toward sexual content, subtle dom Treize taking Zechs apart is my jam. Treize using "Milliardo" in the bedroom. An AU where Treize is a lord and Zechs really is his personal knight. Anything focused on high society and them operating within it, especially with formalwear and ballroom dancing and aristocratic politics. Anything focusing on Treize and how he works, in particular, will delight me.

Yuri!!! on Ice

Ship Requested: Jean-Jacques Leroy/Isabella Yang, Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin & Jean-Jacques Leroy, Phichit Chulanont/Celestino Cialdini, Leo de la Iglesia/Leo de la Iglesia's Coach, Mila Babicheva & Yuri Plisetsky, Lilia Baranovskaya/Yuri Plisetsky, Michele Crispino/Sara Crispino/Emil Nekola

Spoiler Policy: The only real canon is the anime and I've watched all of it; as far as supplemental material like interviews with Kubo go, I'm happy to see any of that incorporated as well!

AU Policy: Absolutely adore them. With some of these ships, like Otabek & JJ and Mila & Yurio, I'm specifically interested in how they work in canon and would prefer not to receive an AU with them, but with the others, bring it on.

Why I Love This Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice has been this unerringly warm and good thing at a time in my life that has been not so warm, and not so good. I love basically every single member of the cast, especially each and every one of the ladies, and I'd love to see them in less common combinations. I love that this series focuses so much on personal growth and the importance of hard work and dedication above the presence of natural talent, even outside Yuuri's plotline with Victor. I love that it's a small world at the top, and that all the most talented skaters around the world know each other and are friendly with each other.

Optional Prompts:

  • Jean-Jacques Leroy/Isabella Yang: I love the thought that Isabella began dating JJ while his star was just rising, and that she is a practical, resourceful girl who does sincerely like and care about JJ and his success, but also who saw an opportunity to net herself a good mate and pursued it. I've love to see fic that explores this, or on the flipside, fic exploring their bedroom life. I adore femdom and would especially like to see Isabella pegging JJ or stepping on JJ. Likewise, anything with JJ going out of his way to please her, sexually or more generally in the relationship, would be a delight.

  • Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky: I love the possibility for antagonism and a contentious relationship with these two. JJ is so full of himself and Yurio has such a short fuse, there's no way they wouldn't be at each other's throats a little, both in competition and off the ice. I would prefer Isabella not be villainized for this ship, either "JJ and Isabella are in an open relationship" or "they just didn't work out but broke up amicably" works for me if you feel the need to touch on their history.

    I'm fine with future fic for the sake of aging them both up above eighteen, or with present-canon fic, for what that's worth. Do what makes you comfortable.

    -Get-together fic. I'd enjoy either an angle where JJ riles Yurio up until angry kissing, and then they have to step back and figure out how to go from there, or a version where JJ has to figure out how to approach Yurio WITHOUT terminating his patience with JJ.

    -Anything with JJ figuring out how to work with Yurio, in general. Yurio has precious little patience for JJ in particular and it's entirely JJ's attitude; established relationship where JJ is just getting the hang of not pissing his boyfriend off would be fun.

    -Competitive sex! Marathon sex! JJ kept beating Yurio on the podium even if Yurio won the GPF in the end, I want to see that competitive drive carry over into the bedroom. Who can make the other come more, who needs to tap out first, that sort of thing. Skaters do have great stamina.

    -Riffing off JJ's obnoxious "ladies first" thing: the one where JJ wears feminine lacy lingerie in the bedroom and Yurio likes it. (bonus for: Yurio still gets to come first, though, he deserves it.)

    -Assuming you're into both ships: the version where JJ and Isabella are in an open relationship and Isabella is entirely alright with JJ pursuing Yurio, and how that looks under the circumstances. Bonus points for Isabella & Yurio interactions, especially Isabella weighing whether she thinks Yurio is good for JJ.

  • Otabek Altin & Jean-Jacques Leroy: Otabek trained in Russia, Canada, and the US; he and JJ have obviously met before and have some sort of history. I'd love to see that explored. I also just think they'd be a fun contrast, with JJ's self-aggrandizement and Otabek's even keel. I love Otabek a lot and would like to see him interact with more of the other skaters in general.

    -Something set when Otabek is in Canada, his and JJ's first meeting, maybe showcasing how they got off on the wrong foot/why JJ seems especially put off by Otabek when he chokes at the GPF.

    -Something set after the GPF with Otabek and JJ catching up and sorting out whatever misunderstanding happened in their past.

    -Assuming there was no misunderstanding, anything with them spending time together, getting a meal together in Canada, seeing each other at other competitions, talking after the GPF or at this year's banquet.

    -The fic where JJ/Yurio is a thing (presuming you're down for writing that ship), and Yurio's First Friend is having the opportunity to interact with The Boyfriend as such for the first time.

    -The fic where Otabek/Yurio is a thing (if you're down for writing THAT ship) and JJ weighs in on it. JJ going out of his way to congratulate Otabek, or concern trolling on Yurio's behalf, or being nosy because he'd kinda had a thing for Yurio, are all equally welcome angles.

  • Phichit Chulanont/Celestino Cialdini: The first of my coach/athlete ships, I really enjoy mentorship for its specific brand of closeness, founded upon trust and teaching and sincerely wanting your student to improve, and I love how warm Celestino's relationship with Phichit is, how Phichit is comfortable with things like calling him "Ciao Ciao" and texting him to get dinner with his friends.

    -Developing relationship fic. Anything exploring the first blush of feelings from either of them and how they deal with that experience.

    -Get together fic. Navigating the difficulties of having romantic feelings - or a romantic relationship - with someone you also have a working relationship with, and all the associated stress and heartache.

    -Future fic, where Phichit has retired from skating but his relationship with Celestino doesn't just go away, I'd love to see it change and mature into something romantic from there.

    -Domestic fic, I love things like relaxing after a hard practice, getting food together, having a quiet moment alone after being kept busy with travel and competing, or cohabiting at a future point when that wouldn't turn heads.

    -Anything from Celestino's perspective addressing the age and maturity gap. Preferably future fic where Phichit has retired, but where Celestino is still worried about their reputations and being in the public eye, especially with the likelihood that Phichit will do something else Very Visible even after he ceases competing.

    -In that same vein: anything focused on Phichit and social media and his "internet thirst" and Celestino having to deal with that. A little bit of scandal might be fun!

  • Leo de la Iglesia/Leo de la Iglesia's Coach: I really love the scene before Leo's free skate, where his coach is psyching him up and they both get really into it, what glimpses we see of her make it clear that he and she are really close and I'd love to see more of it. I'm happy with any name you might choose to give her; to my knowledge there isn't a fanon popular one and I have no preference.

    -Anything focused on music, since Leo loves it so much. Him bringing her possibilities for his skate music, but also him sharing music with her purely because he likes it, or a song made him think of her, or she was stressed out and he thought this particular track would help her feel better. Or sharing music to communicate what HE feels, not necessarily schmoopy romance feelings but just, the nuances of things he can't explain as easily with words.

    -Get together or developing relationship fic, I'm always happy to see the early stages of a relationship and characters figuring each other out, especially with the added difficulty of navigating their coach/athelete relationship and those power dynamics.

    -Leo's coach comforting him after he misses out on the final; I especially like the thought that romance need not be about kissing and physicality but about the emotional support you provide each other and this is a good avenue for that.

    -Fun playful sex! I'd love to see their attitude psyching each other up for Leo's skate translated into a bedroom context, it seems like they'd have a lot of fun trying to make each other feel good and experimenting with new things. Bonus points for music in the bedroom, but less "smooth jazz" and more "fun and silly and personal."

  • Mila Babicheva & Yuri Plisetsky: I love their friendship! I love how Mila acts a lot like a big sister to Yurio, looking out for him and teasing him and genuinely caring about what's going on in his life. But how there's also a bit of a blur there; I love their conversation when Yurio returns from Japan in episode four in particular, talking about whether she's horny after she broke up with her hockey player boyfriend. I'm not interested in romance between them, but I do really like the thought that they can talk about sex together, and that they have a physical relationship (even if it's mostly shoving and stuff like Mila lifting Yurio over her head.)

    -Assuming you're on board for otayuri: I'd love to see Mila getting to tease Yurio about HIS boyfriend for a change. Either a pre-relationship "Are you interested in him? No? Then does that mean he's fair game for me?" kind of teasing, or an established relationship thing where she's needling him for details is equally fun.

    -Mila and Yurio talking about sex in general, I'd love to see how that dynamic plays out beyond the "are you horny without your hockey BF" comment, and am equally happy to hear what Mila is willing to share with Yurio, or Yurio is willing to share with Mila.

    -Mila and Yurio gossiping about the other Russian skaters. They're close in age, versus Victor and Georgi who are twenty-seven, so the thought that they bond because of that closeness and exchange funny little stories about Georgi, Victor, and now Yuuri feels really cute to me.

    -Just anything with them being friends and hanging out in general, eating together, exploring the city outside practice or foreign cities around competitions, maybe Yurio gives Mila some of his grandpa's katsudon piroshkis, or Mila meeting or spending time with Yurio and his grandpa, or Yurio and Lilia.

  • Lilia Baranovskaya/Yuri Plisetsky: Yes, this is the age gap to end all age gaps. But ever since Yurio's line to Lilia that "I'll give you my whole body, no holds barred," I haven't been able to NOT think about it. Mostly I feel that Lilia would not entertain someone so much younger than her, but I love the idea of Yurio with some kind of weird, complicated, frustrating crush on her.

    -Domestic fic while they're living together. Taking meals together, quietly passing time in the sitting room together, playing with Yurio's cat, taking turns at the bath, becoming comfortable (maybe too comfortable) in each other's space.

    -Yurio surreptitiously seeking Lilia out for comfort. She doesn't give praise easily, that is always earned, but she'll braid or stroke his hair, or let him lean against her on the couch or sometimes put his head in her lap and it's... Reassuring.

    -Yurio actually trying for something overt, like a kiss, and Lilia figuring out how to handle and process that action.

    -Lilia being very hands-on with ballet lessons. Right when she meets Yurio she's immediately grabbing his face, lifting his leg, proving she has no care for physical boundaries if it doesn't concern her. Lilia casually manipulating Yurio's body and Yurio being A Little Too Into That.

    -Anything with Yurio working really, really hard to impress Lilia. Be it at ballet, with his cooking (making his grandfather's piroshkis), or in other small, meaningful ways, he wants her attention and it feels So Good when he finally earns her praise.

  • Michele Crispino/Sara Crispino/Emil Nekola: I'll take this OT3 both as a V hinging around Emil, or as the full three-way-requited affair, incest connotations and all. Either way, my main priority is Michele eating shit in every way possible. I adore Sara for her passion and drive, and Emil for his unflinching positivity, hard work, and sheer dedication to both twins, but with Mickey I just want to see the uptight, controlling brother be made to sit down, shut up, and let someone else take charge for a change.

    -Femdom. Femdom is my bread and butter, so anything with Sara taking the lead, both in the general sense of the relationship or in the bedroom, would be delightful to me. She does it with Mickey when she enforces distance at the Rostelecom Cup but I want to see it in the relationship.

    -Something with Sara trying to enforce distance with Mickey, but frequently forgetting herself because she's so used to them having a very touchy, familiar sibling relationship, and Mickey constantly being reeled back into his feelings for her every time she slips up. Would probably work well with a V interpretation of the relationship, where Sara/Emil and Michele/Emil are a thing but Sara/Michele isn't meant to be, and this is placing stress on that.

    -Marathon sex! The one where Sara is capable of multiple orgasms and Emil fucks like the robot he wants to be in his free skate routine, and they just both have much better stamina than Mickey and don't understand why he can't keep up? I'd love them to run him ragged and leave him panting on the ground while they have a last sweaty, exhausted, laughing-till-breathless round with each other.

    -Anything with relationship negotiation and establishing boundaries, it's one of my favorite things with poly and is extra complicated when two out of three members of a relationship are related, I'd love to see how they balance their relationship and especially how they present themselves to the public, since pro skaters are often in the public eye.

    -Date fic! I'd love to see them all three going out in public and doing coupley activities or getting dinner and how they handle the public APPEARANCE of that activity. Bonus points for strangers assuming Sara/Emil are a couple and Michele is the awkward third wheel, extra bonus for Michele genuinely being very awkward but still having a nice time, even more for Emil just being super touchy with both of them and making it even more strange and confusing to an outsider.