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Lira ([personal profile] catlarks) wrote2016-07-21 01:01 am

SASO: Bonus Round 4 Fills

Quotes round, beloved to my heart but late in the game when I was dragging myself along and dying. I didn't do as much as I wish I could but I did my best.

-(01) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] raernix: AU where CEO Chris meets budding "entrepreneur" Miyuki on a train platform in a moment of happenstance that totally wasn't meticulously planned.
-(02) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kazuyas: Crime AU where Miyuki is the head of a fiesty little gang interfering with crime boss Chris' business operations.
-(03) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] miaoujones: AU in which Miyuki and Chris sit down for a dinner at Miyuki's request to discuss their almost-meeting Miyuki made himself missing for.
-(04) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kitaiichis: Miyuki spends the night at Chris' house for the first time. It's kind of unsettling.
-(05) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kazuyaloveseijun: Miyuki asks Chris to choke him, in his careless, calculated way. Through some manner of convincing, Chris agrees, and indulges him.
-(06) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] factorielle: Miyuki finds himself more and more involved in Chris' life, to the point of burying himself in Chris' business as much as he does in something like a relationship.

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