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SASO: Bonus Round 4 Prompts

QUOTES ROUND, HELLO. We're deep enough in the shit now that there's no shame here these will probably all be from my favorite TV shows because digging up the rarer stuff I've hoarded is harder.

-(01) Miyuki/Rei demon Rei AU (daiya no ace)
-(02) Miyuki/Shirakawa bitterness and experience (daiya no ace)
-(03) Ryousuke & Haruichi Ryousuke as Angelica (daiya no ace)
-(04) Kuramochi/Ryousuke & Haruichi waiting for change (daiya no ace)
-(05) Kuramochi/Ryousuke & Haruichi rest of his life (daiya no ace)
-(06) Miyuki/Oikawa heartless fucking (daiya no ace & haikyuu)
-(07) Demon & Peco or Mitani overcoming limitations (ping pong & hikaru no go)
-(08) Oikawa/Kageyama or Oikawa/Miyuki self driven (haikyuu & daiya no ace)
-(09) Nozomi/Maki love her remoteness (love live)
-(10) Oikawa/Kageyama keep taking (haikyuu)
-(11) Hikaru & Sai here in his head (hikaru no go)
-(12) Furuya/Miyuki not looking back (daiya no ace)
-(13) Chris/Zaizen ex lovers to friends (daiya no ace)
-(14) Oikawa/Miyuki sex is about power (daiya no ace)
-(15) Oikawa/Kageyama wear you out (haikyuu)
-(16) Miyuki/Furuya or Abe/Furuya having no one (daiya no ace & oofuri)
-(17) Oikawa/Ryousuke conspiracy theorizing (haikyuu & daiya no ace)
-(18) Kataoka/Rei needing to be needed (daiya no ace)
-(19) Kise/Miyuki Castle AU (kuroko no basuke & daiya no ace)
-(20) Ryousuke/Miyuki no amateurs (daiya no ace)
-(21) Chris/Tanba come home to each other (daiya no ace)
-(22) Eli/Umi or Eli/Honoka being a bitch (love live)
-(23) Chris & Miyuki invisible powerful men (daiya no ace)
-(24) Miyuki/Tanba innocent questions (daiya no ace)
-(25) Hiruma/Agon heroes died like dogs (eyeshield 21)
-(26) Abe/Haruna or Abe/Mihashi old wounds bleeding (oofuri)
-(27) Miyuki/Arakita remembering things (daiya no ace & yowapeda)
-(28) Akira/Hikaru ghost hunting (hikaru no go)
-(29) Kuramochi/Ryousuke ride you like my Harley (daiya no ace)
-(30) Chihaya/Shinobu finding a peach orchard (chihayafuru)
-(31) Kinjou/Miki short skirt, long jacket (yowapeda)
-(32) Miyuki & Miki china doll in the bullpen (daiya no ace & yowapeda)
-(33) Arakita/Toudou or Toudou/Toudou vanity (yowapeda)
-(34) Arakita/Toudou in control of the animal (yowapeda)
-(35) Kinjou/Imaizumi snake eyed, with a sly smile (yowapeda)
-(36) Oikawa/Miyuki or Ryousuke/Miyuki on a sinking ship, drowning (daiya no ace & haikyuu)
-(37) Oikawa/Kageyama or Ryousuke/Miyuki sexy drowning panic (daiya no ace & haikyuu)
-(38) Kinjou/Imaizumi be your harbor (yowapeda)
-(39) Aomine/Momoi she's nobody's girlfriend (kuroko no basuke)
-(40) Miyuki/Tanba/Chris or Miyuki/Furuya/Eijun aromantic poly cohabiting (daiya no ace)
-(41) Kataoka/Oe her sentences left him defenseless (daiya no ace & chihayafuru)
-(42) Miyuki/Shunshin passion and reason, might and right (daiya no ace)
-(43) Chris/Zaizen kill them all (daiya no ace)
-(44) Hiruma/Agon blow his black heart out (eyeshield 21)
-(45) Miyuki/Furuya or Furuya & Tanba shoot to kill (daiya no ace)

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