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SASO: Bonus Round 3 Cosplay Fill 003

package: discreet box
to: Makishima
from: Kinjou
note: Something to keep you company while you're away.

The packaging is subtle and understated, before Makishima unwraps it. What's inside the wrapping proves to be a box: something hand-made, plastered over with decoupage. Makishima wonders whether Kinjou did it himself, or if perhaps whether it's something Kinjou found and kept a hold of, thinking Makishima would like it.

The thought makes Makishima smile.

Something to keep you company while you're away, the note had read, and Makishima truly hadn't known what to expect. A bottle of lubricant prettied up with remnant fabric is not it.

But Makishima remembers where it'd come from, that fabric. A little sewing project, just something to busy his hands, Kinjou had said. The little plush toy that came about as a result is still sitting on a shelf in Makishima's room at home.

When Makishima pulls it out from the fabric, the dildo is not a surprise. The silicone is slick beneath Makishima's fingers; it's quickly shoved back into the box, the lid shut. Makishima's face feels a bit warm.

It's maybe a smile, twisting Makishima's lips. A hand comes up, covering them. Leave it to Kinjou to always get a response; if he's lucky, perhaps Makishima will find a use for this... Company.

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