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Parallels: Dear Author Letter

Hello, mystery creator!

Before anything else, I'd like to thank you for writing for me. I signed up for this exchange at the very last minute and scrambled to get this letter together, so I am sorry in advance if it's a mess. If you have an idea you're excited about for any of my requests, go for it! If not, I'll try and give you some ideas about the kind of fic I'd love to read.

All I really ask of you is that you avoid the following: gratuitous angst for angst's sake, rape, abuse, physical assault, terminal or mental illnesses, homophobia as a plot device, jealousy as a plot device, pregnancy or child-rearing, and foot fetishes.

That said, for a more specific summation of my likes and dislikes in fiction, I refer you to this post here. If you enjoy writing AUs, I love reading them! There are a few that I'm not a big fan of and I talk about that here, as well as about the types of AUs I adore and my favorite things to see from them.

(I definitely don't expect you to read all of that unless you're feeling Really Thorough, but hey, pick out the bits that will help you. I for one am Very Thorough.)

Beyond these generalities, I'd like to talk a little about each of the fandoms I've requested, and give a few optional prompts you might use for inspiration.

Daiya no Ace

Characters Requested: Miyuki, Furuya

Fandom Thoughts: I love sports anime series because they play to all my weaknesses about teamwork and loyalty and friendship and competition, and daiya hits all those marks with aplomb. I'm an anime-only fan so I'd appreciate all manga / year two spoilers be avoided, but I mostly mean game or plot spoilers. Any character trivia is entirely welcome, my main request is that I not be gifted fic set during year two that requires me to have manga canon knowledge to fully appreciate.

Ship Thoughts: Furumiyu is my OTP of OTPs for daiya and I will cry about it at the drop of a hat. Miyuki is hands down my favorite character and my exact type of character that I always look for new models of in new series, and Furuya is likewise one of my top faves. I love that Furuya tested into Seidou purely so Miyuki would catch for him, I love his devotion to and possessiveness of Miyuki, while also being the blunt, deceptively simple person he is who ignores Miyuki whenever he's saying things Furuya doesn't care to hear. Likewise, I love how careful Miyuki is with Furuya, how he consciously thinks about who Furuya is as a person and is able to understand that, while doing his best to bring out Furuya's ideal talent on the field. Their relationship is just... So good, and I love to see that translated into a more romantic context rather than simply the team context.

I will say, my primary headcanon is for aromantic Miyuki, but where he's nevertheless too much of an extrovert to be happy alone, and where even if he doesn't particularly "get" (or value) romance, he figures he can fake it till he makes it and meet his partner halfway, how hard can that be? (a lot harder than expected, but Miyuki Kazuya does love a challenge.) This is additionally why furumiyu is my favorite Miyuki ship. I feel like Furuya would have no problem with dating an aromantic partner, he just wants Miyuki to be happy and conducting their relationship in a maybe-atypical way works fine for him.

Optional Prompts:

-FUTUREFIC WITH DOMESTIC COHABITATION. This is my go-to I'm so sorry I'm this boring. I want Miyuki to cook for Furuya, to teach Furuya to cook, for them to bicker over chores and Furuya to periodically ignore Miyuki because no matter how long they're together for he never totally quits that habit. Feed me any of this.

-AUs!! I would love so many kinds of AU, but I'd especially adore premises that focus on Furuya being loyal to Miyuki in some capacity, or being possessive over Miyuki's company and presence in his life. Sci-fi, fantasy, and crime-based premises are my favorites.

-Honestly, character study? Anything that uses their (developing) relationship to examine who they are as people and really celebrate that will be delightful to me.

-Porn, porn is also good, especially character-driven porn. My preference is for bottom Miyuki who nevertheless likes control and likes taking the lead (and sometimes likes losing it), and I adore the headcanon that Furuya fucks like he pitches (incredibly hard and with horrible stamina). And I also just... Love smut with banter and joking around and things going wrong or awkwardly but characters still having a good time.

Ping Pong

Characters Requested: Demon, Peco

Fandom Thoughts: I adore this series with all my heart; I've rewatched it enough times that I've lost count and on every rewatch, I love it just as much. I'm incredibly weak to storylines focusing on the effectiveness of hard work versus natural talent and Ping Pong is all about that. I'm always sad that the fandom is so tiny but, I understand that. It's not a series where I'm all that interested in shipping, and the sort of incisive, heartfelt character study fic that I want to read is really, really hard to write. If you are up to the task, I commend you.

Ship Thoughts: Demon is pretty much my favorite character in the series. When his coach talks about how he wanted to just make this kid a manager, but he was won over by the fact that if you asked for ten, Demon would drop and give you a thousand... That really stuck with me, the fact that this is a character who will drain himself dry for you if he has to. And he does have to, because all the hard work in the world still doesn't allow him to measure up to natural talents like Smile, and Peco.

I'm most interested in seeing him played off of Peco, because the most interesting thing about Peco to me is that he's the classic honors student, that kid who never had to work hard because he could coast along on talent alone, and who gets a rude awakening once that's no longer enough and he has to figure out how to work. I love that Demon is part of this awakening, and that Demon motivates Peco to rebuild himself, through genuine effort as well as talent. What I'd most like to see is literally any fic that comes at this sort of... Transactional relationship between them, that's also a kind of understanding. However you want to do it.

Optional Prompts: I don't really have good specific prompts for this fandom, I will just say that it's one where I actually would prefer canon fic to an AU, but also... I'm hungry for ping pong fic, I'll take what you've got.

-Something expanding upon the scene by the ocean before Peco jumps in and Demon has to save him.

-Character study fic about Demon of any kind, with bonus Peco.

-Character study fic about Peco of any kind, but with a strong Demon focus. Smile can come too, if that suits you.

-Future fic where they stay in touch, looking at both of their lives.

-Future fic featuring romance. Shipping might not be my priority, but I'd be really interested to see how these two navigate a relationship, preferably without handwaving Demon's girlfriend.


Characters Requested: Honey, Three

Fandom Thoughts: It's been a long, long time since I watched Hamatora, but it has this weird special place in my heart. It's an interesting world and I loved the ride and I do really enjoy the mains, but I somehow walked away from the series with the girl and the furry as my favorites and as far as fandom content goes, there's basically nothing focused on them. I might do a rewatch of the series between now and reveals, but I'm definitely riding on nostalgia and if you want to play on that, it'd be delightful. (I know some people pretend S2 never happened but I'm happy whether you take it or leave it, honestly.)

Ship Thoughts: I'm always wrecked for loyalty plotlines and Three's loyalty to Honey is my favorite thing about their relationship. I'm also a huge fan of cyberpunk, so Honey's minimum ability is incredibly relevant to my interests, but is examined so little in the series itself. I tend to think of them purely in terms of their partnership, but I wouldn't be opposed to a more romantic angle if that's something you'd like to explore; if nothing else, they are very devoted to each other in their mercenary way.

Optional Prompts:

-Anything exploring their backstory before getting involved with Hamatora and Cafe Nowhere. I'd be especially interested in anything to do with Honey's intended work as an assassin, or with their developing relationship as it unfolds from right after they meet.

-Three and Honey doing a job together as bodyguards. We don't see enough of them working together during the series and I really enjoy casefic, if you'd care to write something somewhat in that style.

-Anything focusing on how they spend their downtime, possibly in Cafe Nowhere. I really love quiet domestic fic and I'd like to see what that looks like for them. (Three reading his manga!)

-Anything really focusing on their minimum abilities! Especially Honey's. For the most part I'd prefer canon-compliant fic for this series but if a cyberpunk AU with Honey is something you'd be into, I think that would be GREAT.

Samurai Flamenco

Characters Requested: Ishihara, Konno

Fandom Thoughts: I adore Samurai Flamenco as a series, it just has so much heart and is full of so many things that I enjoy. There isn't a single character I dislike, and I'd be happy to see any of the others present in the background of a fic about Ishihara and Konno.

Ship Thoughts: I'm so incredibly, wildly serious about this ship. For all that Konno might appear to be harassing Ishihara, she misses him when he does stop calling (and he does, he listens) and seems to enjoy their conversations in her own way. I'm really invested in the dynamic where Ishihara calls the shots and keeps Konno at arm's length, and where Konno is entirely alright with that because he's willing to take direction and because giving her the lead means that their relationship is always entertaining. Being kept engaged is his first priority and I really think Ishihara could give him that, with how demanding and self-motivated she is, and how willing she would be to keep him on his toes.

Optional Prompts:

-Femdom. I won't bother being coy, my number one desire is for Ishihara to step on Konno. (And for Konno to like it.)

-Ishihara and Konno having to team up for unlikely reasons. What's the reason this time? I'm open to any and all answers.

-Developing relationship fic. I feel Ishihara would insist on a lot of negotiation, a lot of rules, and I want to see how that unfolds and how they slowly slip into each other's lives in a way that works.

-The fic where they get married for tax purposes. Ishihara is so practical, I could see her having a not-quite-relationship with Konno for years because she doesn't exactly want to be alone, but doesn't want to waste time and effort dating, and he's right there and entirely willing. I'd love to see the natural progression of that (which is probably: marriage and cohabitation and continuing to insist they're not together-together, not really.)

Love Live

Characters Requested: Eli, Umi

Fandom Thoughts: I've watched both "seasons" of the anime and I play the game religiously. As much as klab loves to drive us mad and as much as the RNGods hate me and never send my best girls home, I just really adore the franchise. While I enjoy fic that's very quiet and slice-of-life and in line with the tone of the anime, my favorite thing to see for this series are AUs!! My favorite flavors are sci-fi, fantasy, and crime-related premises and I'll take any of those with Eli and Umi.

Ship Thoughts: I could write you a crying essay about why EliUmi is my OTP of OTPs for love live, but I've done that in other exchange signups and other letters so I'll try to be brief. They're my two favorites, serious and practical and each in their own way removed, very alike and therefore very able to understand each other. I love the thought that they're uniquely qualified to care for each other because they each understand the sorts of overwork tendencies the other is likely to engage in, so they know how to make her stop, and relax, and be good to herself. I just want to see them being kind and supportive and loving to each other.

Optional Prompts:

-If you're going canon, future fic several years down the line where they both have grown-up jobs and are living together. I love cohabitation and there's not enough fic like this.

-Any AU where Eli is in a mentoring role and Umi is learning from her. Mage Eli teaching apprentice Umi the ways of magic? Investigator Eli taking Umi under her wing on a case? Goddess Eli subtly playing her part in Umi's growth, in whatever arena that might concern? All good.

-I really enjoy the thought of Eli supporting Umi periodically, and then Umi eventually repaying the favor in a big way, so any interpretation of that premise.

-Any AU where Eli and Umi are rivals. It's not something we see in canon, but with the ways they're similar, I'd love to see them getting to know each other in a different setting, and trying to figure each other out, and each maybe thinking she has the upper hand, even if maybe she doesn't.


Characters Requested: Taichi, Arata, Chihaya

Fandom Thoughts: I adore this series so much, it's so kind and heartfelt and just full of passion for the karuta tradition, and I love that all of the characters cry all the time whether they win or lose. I love it because whenever the characters show strong emotions like that, I'm also feeling those emotions, and I love that the series brings that out in me. I love content for this fandom that really gets at this, the passion, the emotional investment, the bonds between these characters and the love for poetry and the cards. However, I am an anime-only fan, and would prefer manga spoilers be avoided, if possible. (I don't mind about their future professions? Because that information was floating around, but anything related to recent plot stuff, please avoid.)

Ship Thoughts: I tend to see Chihaya as the glue that holds Taichi and Arata together. Right from the beginning, she was the one who united them and made them all into a unit of three, and when Arata moves away she's this thread bound between them even while Taichi and Arata also have a unique relationship with each other beyond her connection. I think a lot about Arata trying to get Taichi to give Chihaya that message, and Taichi telling him to do it himself. I love the way each of these three pushes the others and pulls them along, inspiring their passion for karuta and motivating them to do more. I'd love to see that in any arena.

Optional Prompts:

-Future fic where they have their adult jobs and are living together. I'm easy, you can never go wrong with domestic cohabitation with me.

-SEXY FIC, there's never enough fic that explores sexual intimacy between a poly triad and I'd love to see more of it, especially with a character focus, if that's at all your thing.

-AUs! I will take AUs of all varieties, though fantasy, sci-fi, and crime-related premises are my favorite.

-A friend talks a lot about how the series might have been different if Chihaya was the one to go away rather than Arata, and I find that really fascinating? Although what I'd really love to see at this point is that same kind of thing, translated into an AU context.

Anyway! That all said, I'm really excited to see whatever you make for me!! Characters are my primary focus in any media I truly adore and when it really comes down to it, if you write the characters I've requested with thoughtfulness and compassion I am sure to love whatever you create.

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