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SASO: Bonus Round 2 Prompts

Bonus round two is screenshots round, more like MY TIME HAS COME!!! I have hundreds upon hundreds of screencaps and I am ready and able to repurpose them into prompts, LET'S DO THIS.

-(01) Rei & Miyuki or Ryousuke or Kataoka Demon Summoner AU (daiya no ace)
-(02) Miyuki/Furuya fucks like he pitches (daiya no ace)
-(03) Miyuki/Eijun & Furuya Cop AU (daiya no ace)
-(04) Chris/Tanba laughing together (daiya no ace)
-(05) Furuya/Miyuki/Eijun or Furuya/Haruichi/Eijun Eijun Exhibitionism (daiya no ace)
-(06) Chris/Zaizen Chris is not fragile (daiya no ace)
-(07) Chris/Zaizen or Chris/Tanba rejection (daiya no ace)
-(08) Miyuki/Furuya Magic or Psychics AU (daiya no ace)
-(09) Miyuki/Tanba dislike (daiya no ace)
-(10) Furuya/Miyuki/Eijun threesome (daiya no ace)
-(11) ShunMiyu or KataMiyu or KinIma or KinAra or Ogata/Akira or Tezuka/Ryouma glasses fetish (daiya, ywpd, hng, pot)
-(12) Furuya/Miyuki/Eijun popsicles (daiya no ace)
-(13) Miyuki/Shunshin gears misaligned (daiya no ace)
-(14) Miyuki/Furuya playing cards (daiya no ace)
-(15) Masatoshi/Mei strangulation kink (daiya no ace)
-(16) Chris & Miyuki or Miyuki & Miyuki AU where Miyuki is a pitcher (daiya no ace)
-(17) Miyuki & Rei meeting in middle school (daiya no ace)
-(18) Rei/Miyuki teacher/student relationship (daiya no ace)
-(19) Tetsuya/Jun a shy boy (daiya no ace)
-(20) Jun/Takako(/Tetsuya) sleeping in class (daiya no ace)
-(21) Chris/Tanba fond looks (daiya no ace)
-(22) Chris/Zaizen finish him off (daiya no ace)
-(23) Eijun/Third Years/Miyuki consensual gangbang (daiya no ace)
-(24) Haruichi/Eijun spraying with the hose (daiya no ace)
-(25) Furuya/Haruichi/Eijun relaxing in summer (daiya no ace)
-(26) Kataoka/Oe professional relationship (daiya no ace)
-(27) Tanba/Mei ace's room (daiya no ace)
-(28) Furuya/Eijun doting on Furuya (daiya no ace)
-(29) Furuya/Miyuki/Eijun fast food date (daiya no ace)
-(30) Takako & third years & TetsuJun sharing snacks (daiya no ace)
-(31) Kuramochi/Ryousuke & Haruichi Haruichi the tag-along (daiya no ace)
-(32) Eijun & Tanba fistbump (daiya no ace)
-(33) Ryousuke & Haruichi contrast (daiya no ace)
-(34) Masatoshi/Mei holding Mei back (daiya no ace)
-(35) Miyuki & His Parents old photographs (daiya no ace)
-(36) Tanba/Ryousuke crying (daiya no ace)
-(37) Tanba/Chris or Ryousuke or Miyuki happiness (crying) (daiya no ace)
-(38) Furuya/Haruichi/Eijun ice skating (daiya no ace)
-(39) Tanba & Tetsuya shared looks (daiya no ace)
-(40) Kuramochi/Ryousuke partnership (daiya no ace)
-(41) Kuramochi & Haruichi paired up (daiya no ace)
-(42) Tanba & Nori or Miyuki or Seidou head rub for luck (daiya no ace)
-(43) Kuramochi/Ryousuke dog and gem (daiya no ace)
-(44) Miyuki/Shirakawa don't utter that name (daiya no ace)
-(45) Ryousuke/Tanba abomination inside the shrine (daiya no ace)
-(46) Eijun & Ryousuke or Kuramochi & Haruichi mistaken brother (daiya no ace)
-(47) Oikawa/Kageyama toothbrushing kink (haikyuu)

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