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Bonus round one this year is AUs! A personal favorite.

The first half of this post is more organized and meant to be helpful for searching for something relevant to other SASO participants; the second half is the full text (and HTML coding) of every prompt I have made this round, in chronological order.

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Bonus round seven is recs round, which means I'm writing ABOUT fills instead of writing fills, and am not all that concerned with collecting meta data. If you wanna see my original rec posts, here are a bunch of links.

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010
011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020
021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030
031 032 033 034 035 036 037 038 039 040
041 042 043 044 045 046 047 048 049 050
051 052 053 054 055 056 057 058 059 060
061 062 063 064 065 066 067 068 069 070
071 072 073 074 075 076 077 078 079 080
081 082 083 084 085 086 087 088 089 090
091 092 093 094 095 096 097 098 099 100
101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110
111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120
121 122

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Bonus round six is remixes, which I was always planning for and saving things to remix... But then I fell on my face pretty bad LET'S SEE HOW THIS GOES.

-(01) Ryousuke/Tanba (daiya no ace) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] princesssid: In which Ryousuke and Tanba comfort each other after Seidou misses out on Koshien.
-(02) Ryousuke & Miyuki (daiya no ace) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] hapaxlegomenon: Handicrafts fill, octopus monster Ryousuke eats Miyuki.
-(03) Ryousuke & Mei (daiya no ace) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] hapaxlegomenon: Handicrafts fill, octopus monster Ryousuke murders Mei.
-(04) Eli/Maki (love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] limesicle: In which Maki is nervous about performing a duet with Eli because she wants to live up to her expectations of herself and the talented example Eli has set.
-(05) Nico/Nozomi (love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] fabi: In which Nico doesn't want to give up what she's gotten through mu's, and wants Nozomi to fight the world with her, stay with her.
-(06) Rin/Hanayo & Maki (love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] luckycricket33: In which Maki walks in on Rin and Hanayo fooling around seeing if Hanayo can carry Rin.
-(07) Maki/Rin/Hanayo (love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] littlemissvi: In which Maki, Rin, and Hanayo go on a shopping date together and hold hands.
-(08) Nozomi/Rin (love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] littlemissvi: In which Nozomi and Rin bake together, Rin gets batter splashed on her, and Nozomi cleans it up creatively.
-(09) Miyuki & Nozomi (daiya no ace & love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] sky_rose: In which Miyuki hits it off remarkably well with a female catcher, just on gut instinct.
-(10) Eli & Furuya (daiya no ace & love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] sky_rose: In which Eli sizing up the opponent pitcher, and does not find him lacking.
-(11) Nozomi & Furuya (daiya no ace & love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] sky_rose: In which Nozomi notices the paint on Furuya's nails, and talks to him about hands, and his catcher.
-(12) Miyuki & Eli (daiya no ace & love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] sky_rose: In which Miyuki wants to catch for the interesting, attractive girl pitcher.
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Mythology and Lore Round! There are no prompts, which is always weird for me, but I'm gonna have fun, here we go.

-(01) Chris/Tanba (daiya no ace): During his ordeal to be recognized as a knight of the realm, Tanba comes face to face with the goddess — god? — of his knight order in the (arguable) flesh.
-(02) Nozomi/Rin (love live): Witch Nozomi believes in the importance of familiars, especially for a witch who deals in wishes and has few of her own friends. She's always wondered what a cat's wish would be like.
-(03) Miyuki/Miyuki & Kataoka/Miyuki (daiya no ace): Miyuki has a specific fantasy about being watched, one about a very specific person. As it turns out, when it's something sinister doing the watching, Miyuki enjoys the experience somewhat less than he expected.
-(04) Ryousuke/Tanba (daiya no ace): Knight Tanba saves a stranger from an attacking monster. Said stranger makes certain he's aware of their gratitude.
-(05) Maki/Honoka (love live): Maki is given a shiny egg-shaped stone as a gift after one of her piano recitals. She doesn't know why she takes such good care of it, but she's glad for what comes of it.
-(06) Kotori/Hanayo (love live): Kotori is a songbird with no dreams of her own and Hanayo is a hedge witch who doesn't trust in her own gifts. Together they can be something stronger.
-(07) Maki/Rin (love live): Maki is a witch who knows she must pass through the forest guardian's domain; what she doesn't know is just what kind of person to expect out of a guardian.
-(08) Rin/Hanayo (love live): Cat shapeshifter loves to chase her human girlfriend, because in a way, Hanayo really does like to be chased.
-(09) Nico/Maki (love live): Nico wants to know the secrets to eternal youth and beauty, because of course magical creatures must be hiding something. Maki intimates that she's willing to impart what she knows.
-(10) Maki/Hanayo (love live): Maki enjoys being immobilized by her nature spirit girlfriend, because having control taken from her means she can relax in her perfectionism and allow herself to focus on being loved.
-(11) Kotori/Honoka (love live): Bird golem Kotori is empty inside and even though it feels normal to her, she just wants Honoka to see first-hand the absence of her heart.
-(12) Honoka/Eli (love live): Whenever Honoka and Eli kiss, Honoka burns her girlfriend. She's endlessly apologetic, but Eli really doesn't mind.
-(13) Nozomi/Umi (love live): Mermaid Umi gets in the habit of watching the girl who comes down to the shore at moonrise to swim naked in the surf. One of those nights, Nozomi catches Umi staring.
-(14) Nico/Hanayo(/Maki) (love live): Skinwalker Nico can't help but be envious of Maki's life and envious of Maki's girlfriend for being with her, and as a peerless performer, the only approach she knows to jealousy is inserting herself in another person's place.
-(15) Nozomi/Maki (love live): Maki is the only one who seems to notice that Nozomi isn't entirely human; they find each other fascinating, to the point of Nozomi holding Maki hypnotized by herself.
-(16) Eli/Umi (love live): Umi finds herself stranded outside a mountain shrine in the dead of winter, where her only hope to survive without freezing is to convince the ice maiden of the mountain to let her inside.
-(17) Honoka/Eli (love live): In which Honoka is a knight come to slay a dragon and rescue a princess, but it turns out dragon and princess are one and the same, and nothing turns out nearly as she had expected.
-(18) Akira/Hikaru (hikaru no go): Magic AU, Akira is a mage who's long followed his father's teachings; Hikaru shows up mysteriously at the palace to challenge him to a mage's duel.
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Quotes round, beloved to my heart but late in the game when I was dragging myself along and dying. I didn't do as much as I wish I could but I did my best.

-(01) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] raernix: AU where CEO Chris meets budding "entrepreneur" Miyuki on a train platform in a moment of happenstance that totally wasn't meticulously planned.
-(02) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kazuyas: Crime AU where Miyuki is the head of a fiesty little gang interfering with crime boss Chris' business operations.
-(03) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] miaoujones: AU in which Miyuki and Chris sit down for a dinner at Miyuki's request to discuss their almost-meeting Miyuki made himself missing for.
-(04) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kitaiichis: Miyuki spends the night at Chris' house for the first time. It's kind of unsettling.
-(05) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kazuyaloveseijun: Miyuki asks Chris to choke him, in his careless, calculated way. Through some manner of convincing, Chris agrees, and indulges him.
-(06) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] factorielle: Miyuki finds himself more and more involved in Chris' life, to the point of burying himself in Chris' business as much as he does in something like a relationship.
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QUOTES ROUND, HELLO. We're deep enough in the shit now that there's no shame here these will probably all be from my favorite TV shows because digging up the rarer stuff I've hoarded is harder.

-(01) Miyuki/Rei demon Rei AU (daiya no ace)
-(02) Miyuki/Shirakawa bitterness and experience (daiya no ace)
-(03) Ryousuke & Haruichi Ryousuke as Angelica (daiya no ace)
-(04) Kuramochi/Ryousuke & Haruichi waiting for change (daiya no ace)
-(05) Kuramochi/Ryousuke & Haruichi rest of his life (daiya no ace)
-(06) Miyuki/Oikawa heartless fucking (daiya no ace & haikyuu)
-(07) Demon & Peco or Mitani overcoming limitations (ping pong & hikaru no go)
-(08) Oikawa/Kageyama or Oikawa/Miyuki self driven (haikyuu & daiya no ace)
-(09) Nozomi/Maki love her remoteness (love live)
-(10) Oikawa/Kageyama keep taking (haikyuu)
-(11) Hikaru & Sai here in his head (hikaru no go)
-(12) Furuya/Miyuki not looking back (daiya no ace)
-(13) Chris/Zaizen ex lovers to friends (daiya no ace)
-(14) Oikawa/Miyuki sex is about power (daiya no ace)
-(15) Oikawa/Kageyama wear you out (haikyuu)
-(16) Miyuki/Furuya or Abe/Furuya having no one (daiya no ace & oofuri)
-(17) Oikawa/Ryousuke conspiracy theorizing (haikyuu & daiya no ace)
-(18) Kataoka/Rei needing to be needed (daiya no ace)
-(19) Kise/Miyuki Castle AU (kuroko no basuke & daiya no ace)
-(20) Ryousuke/Miyuki no amateurs (daiya no ace)
-(21) Chris/Tanba come home to each other (daiya no ace)
-(22) Eli/Umi or Eli/Honoka being a bitch (love live)
-(23) Chris & Miyuki invisible powerful men (daiya no ace)
-(24) Miyuki/Tanba innocent questions (daiya no ace)
-(25) Hiruma/Agon heroes died like dogs (eyeshield 21)
-(26) Abe/Haruna or Abe/Mihashi old wounds bleeding (oofuri)
-(27) Miyuki/Arakita remembering things (daiya no ace & yowapeda)
-(28) Akira/Hikaru ghost hunting (hikaru no go)
-(29) Kuramochi/Ryousuke ride you like my Harley (daiya no ace)
-(30) Chihaya/Shinobu finding a peach orchard (chihayafuru)
-(31) Kinjou/Miki short skirt, long jacket (yowapeda)
-(32) Miyuki & Miki china doll in the bullpen (daiya no ace & yowapeda)
-(33) Arakita/Toudou or Toudou/Toudou vanity (yowapeda)
-(34) Arakita/Toudou in control of the animal (yowapeda)
-(35) Kinjou/Imaizumi snake eyed, with a sly smile (yowapeda)
-(36) Oikawa/Miyuki or Ryousuke/Miyuki on a sinking ship, drowning (daiya no ace & haikyuu)
-(37) Oikawa/Kageyama or Ryousuke/Miyuki sexy drowning panic (daiya no ace & haikyuu)
-(38) Kinjou/Imaizumi be your harbor (yowapeda)
-(39) Aomine/Momoi she's nobody's girlfriend (kuroko no basuke)
-(40) Miyuki/Tanba/Chris or Miyuki/Furuya/Eijun aromantic poly cohabiting (daiya no ace)
-(41) Kataoka/Oe her sentences left him defenseless (daiya no ace & chihayafuru)
-(42) Miyuki/Shunshin passion and reason, might and right (daiya no ace)
-(43) Chris/Zaizen kill them all (daiya no ace)
-(44) Hiruma/Agon blow his black heart out (eyeshield 21)
-(45) Miyuki/Furuya or Furuya & Tanba shoot to kill (daiya no ace)
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I didn't make any this round, I just kind of wanted a post saying as much.
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The theme of "gift tags" is really exciting in theory but in practice all the prompts seem to be one of three things: porn bait, angst bait, or something where the OP clearly doesn't know what the gift is THEMSELVES and wants you to do all the work. It's not very inspiring to me for fic so I GUESS WE'RE DOING COSPLAY.

-(01) Rin/Maki (love live) for [personal profile] hqqt: Rin dresses up in a collar and cat ears to greet Maki when she comes home.
-(02) Miyuki/Eijun (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kazuyaloveseijun: Eijun gets very excited about something in his shoujo manga and insists Miyuki read them.
-(03) Haruichi/Eijun (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] parasolghost: Ryousuke hears about Eijun's designs on dating his brother. He sends a warning. Eijun is suitably cowed.
-(04) Miyuki/Eijun (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kougamira: Miyuki is thirsty. He knows it, his past self knows it, Eijun... Doesn't really know it, but so is he, was this Miyuki's water bottle?
-(05) Kanemaru/Eijun (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] rosebrook: Eijun dumps an actual duffel bag's worth of manga on Kanemaru, read them soon so he can cry with you!!
-(06) Furuya/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kazuyaloveseijun: Miyuki and Furuya break up. Furuya writes a letter, and doesn't send it. Furuya's mother corrects that mistake.
-(07) Miyuki/Eijun (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] sawakise: Miyuki sends Eijun a care package, "for his hands." Eijun is good enough to make use of it, however dubiously.
-(08) Eijun/Nori (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] athiefshome: Eijun picks wildflowers that remind him of Nori.
-(09) Haruichi/Eijun (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] snowysatoru: Haruichi gets Eijun a little something for his birthday.
-(10) Kinjou/Makishima (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] mother_herbivore: Kinjou gifts Makishima with a present, for while Makishima is away.
-(11) Furuya & Kaidou (daiya no ace & prince of tennis) for [personal profile] luckycricket33: Furuya watches the polar bear DVD Kaidou loaned to him and enjoys it very much.
-(12) Kuramochi/Haruichi (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] parasolghost: Kuramochi remembers Haruichi likes reading, and buys him a book as a gift. Haruichi is touched.
-(13) Furuya/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] sotongsotong: Furuya proposes to Miyuki with a locket wrapped nicely in a box, more or less.
-(14) Kinjou/Makishima/(Imaizumi?) (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] mother_herbivore: Makishima sends Kinjou some books with his most recent work. It is not the work Kinjou is expecting, not at all.
-(15) Furuya/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] snowysatoru: Furuya presents Miyuki with a gift, to thank him for their years of baseball together.
-(16) Furuya/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kazuyaloveseijun: Furuya gifts Miyuki with lingerie to wear, later. Miyuki approaches the emergence of this new fetish like he does most things: as if it is a challenge.
-(17) Makishima/Toudou (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] adamantine: Toudou sends Makishima a gift that reminds him of himself. It's headbands. Of course it's headbands.
-(18) Imaizumi/Naruko (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] peterpandemic: Naruko leaves Imaizumi a gift as a thank you for his "shitty" attitude. Imaizumi leaves the gift where he found it.
-(19) Imaizumi/Sugimoto (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] caeslin: Sugimoto makes Imaizumi a bento as "his secret admirer." Imaizumi knows exactly who the omelette is from.
-(20) Imaizumi/Naruko (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] hapaxlegomenon: Naruko sends Imaizumi a little surprise. Imaizumi is amazed they put him and Naruko on the cover of the magazine.
-(21) Shinkai/Arakita (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] chiharu: Shinkai sends Arakita a cat carrier. Arakita really doesn't want the reminder from his ex about his dead cat.
-(22) Arakita/Toudou (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] garciraki: Arakita painstakingly wraps a birthday present for Toudou in duct tape and math worksheets.
-(23) Kinjou/Arakita (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] yusukesjeans: Kinjou texts Arakita a picture of a cat he found. Arakita is, in his own way, appreciative.
-(24) Tadokoro/Toudou (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] doxian: Tadokoro sends Toudou a cake, absolutely insisting she'll love it, even though she doesn't like sweet things.
-(25) Imaizumi/Sugimoto (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] caeslin: Imaizumi gifts Sugimoto with his regular jacket. Sugimoto is way too excited.
-(26) Kinjou/Makishima (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] mother_herbivore: Kinjou calls Makishima down to the lab when the latest trial of his experiment goes badly wrong.
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Screencaps round! Is honestly really EASY for me to write for, but also really BORING for me to write for, which means half "really close to canon snapshot scene" fills, half "this isn't the AU you necessarily asked for, but it's the AU you deserve" fills.

-(01) Oikawa/Kageyama (haikyuu) for [personal profile] kitaiichis: Spy AU. Oikawa plans on whiling away an evening at a fancy gala as a cover for a mission. He does not plan on running into his old partner, Kageyama. Also there's dancing, also Oikawa got hurt.
-(02) Ryousuke/Tanba (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] doxian: Ryousuke rubs Tanba's head more gently in private and marvels that Tanba doesn't snap at him. Tanba is simply appreciative of the massage.
-(03) Masatoshi/Mei (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] tsunderekita: Mei attempts to go to sleep early. He's still awake when Masatoshi comes into his hotel room to join him, and is delighted by Masatoshi's willingness to provide the comfort of his presence in sleep.
-(04) Chris/Tanba (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] tsunderekita: Tanba asks Chris to have sex, but is too nervous to comfortably follow through on that plan. Chris comes up with an alternate idea he thinks will be just as nice.
-(05) Ryousuke/Tanba (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kazuyas: Ryousuke and Tanba attend one of Seidou's games as spectators after retiring from the team, reminiscing about their time playing baseball and getting cozy.
-(06) Oikawa/Kageyama (haikyuu) for [personal profile] intricacies: In his second year of middle school, Oikawa goes on a short family summer vacation to a lake house, and almost drowns. In his third year of middle school, he receives a nasty flashback to that event.
-(07) Oikawa/Kageyama (haikyuu) for [personal profile] deternot: Fairytale AU. There's a legend, a prophecy, well-known in the kingdom where Prince Oikawa was raised. It predicts the use of a magical item encapsulated in a crystal throne, by one who can break apart the casing and retrieve it. (Oikawa is not that one, but he wishes to be.)
-(08) Oikawa/Kageyama (haikyuu) for [personal profile] intricacies: An AU where Oikawa is a prince and Kageyama is his manservant and this entails a lot of waiting on the prince and helping him into and out of his clothing.
-(09) Chris/Zaizen (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kuramochi: Chris picks Zaizen up for a surprise date. Zaizen is impressed by how well Chris cleans up.
-(10) Miyuki & Furuya/Tanba (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kusoelite: When Furuya begins watching Tanba a little too intently, Miyuki is sure he knows exactly what is going on, and isn't above giving his kouhai a little help hooking up with his crush.
-(11) Miyuki/Eijun & Kuramochi (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] excedra_doodles: Miyuki accepts an invitation to Eijun and Kuramochi's videogame night, doesn't play the game at all, and pretty much just makes a nuisance of himself to his boyfriend.
-(12) Masatoshi/Mei (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] tsunderekita: Supernatural AU wherein Mei is a physical embodiment of the concept of pride, and Masatoshi is the ordinary human who's begun to see the extraordinary things layered over the world he's always known. Most people cannot cope with seeing Mei as he is; Masatoshi has learned to deal with it.
-(13) Masatoshi/Mei (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] tsunderekita: Masatoshi comes back to visit Mei during his third year at Inashiro, after he's retired from the school team. They catch up.
-(14) Chris/Miyuki (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] chazyary: Mob AU. Company head Chris invites Miyuki to his office for a little chat about the aggravation Miyuki has been to his business. They come to something of an understanding.
-(15) Tanba/Mei (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] princesssid: Tanba and Mei graduate and go on to play for different pro teams. Between facing each other on the field and intermittent meetings around games, they slowly become friends.
-(16) Chris/Tanba (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kuramochi: Tanba is in the habit of looking for moments of isolation when he can sing without spectators. Chris overhears him, and thinks he does have rather a nice singing voice.
-(17) Oikawa/Kageyama (haikyuu) for [personal profile] intricacies: Sci-Fi AU in which Oikawa and Kageyama are both enrolled in a military program which uses virtual reality for fight training; Kageyama manages to get the better of Oikawa in the simulation.
-(18) Oikawa/Kageyama (haikyuu) for [personal profile] dynamite: Fantasy AU. Kageyama is a prince and a knight, Hinata is his squire, and Oikawa is the grand king whose magical ability is such that he's the only possible teacher Kageyama could hope to learn from — if he begs convincingly enough.
-(19) Oikawa/Kageyama (haikyuu) for [personal profile] intricacies: Military Sci-Fi AU. Kageyama is taking the test to join an elite military unit headed by Oikawa. This is his ninth failure. Oikawa is finally deigning to tell him why he cannot succeed.
-(20) Oikawa/Kageyama (haikyuu) for [personal profile] intricacies: There's a statue outside the academy Kageyama attends that he's always taken for granted. Except it turns out it's an android, not a statue, and it knows more about Kageyama than he thought to expect.
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Bonus round two is screenshots round, more like MY TIME HAS COME!!! I have hundreds upon hundreds of screencaps and I am ready and able to repurpose them into prompts, LET'S DO THIS.

-(01) Rei & Miyuki or Ryousuke or Kataoka Demon Summoner AU (daiya no ace)
-(02) Miyuki/Furuya fucks like he pitches (daiya no ace)
-(03) Miyuki/Eijun & Furuya Cop AU (daiya no ace)
-(04) Chris/Tanba laughing together (daiya no ace)
-(05) Furuya/Miyuki/Eijun or Furuya/Haruichi/Eijun Eijun Exhibitionism (daiya no ace)
-(06) Chris/Zaizen Chris is not fragile (daiya no ace)
-(07) Chris/Zaizen or Chris/Tanba rejection (daiya no ace)
-(08) Miyuki/Furuya Magic or Psychics AU (daiya no ace)
-(09) Miyuki/Tanba dislike (daiya no ace)
-(10) Furuya/Miyuki/Eijun threesome (daiya no ace)
-(11) ShunMiyu or KataMiyu or KinIma or KinAra or Ogata/Akira or Tezuka/Ryouma glasses fetish (daiya, ywpd, hng, pot)
-(12) Furuya/Miyuki/Eijun popsicles (daiya no ace)
-(13) Miyuki/Shunshin gears misaligned (daiya no ace)
-(14) Miyuki/Furuya playing cards (daiya no ace)
-(15) Masatoshi/Mei strangulation kink (daiya no ace)
-(16) Chris & Miyuki or Miyuki & Miyuki AU where Miyuki is a pitcher (daiya no ace)
-(17) Miyuki & Rei meeting in middle school (daiya no ace)
-(18) Rei/Miyuki teacher/student relationship (daiya no ace)
-(19) Tetsuya/Jun a shy boy (daiya no ace)
-(20) Jun/Takako(/Tetsuya) sleeping in class (daiya no ace)
-(21) Chris/Tanba fond looks (daiya no ace)
-(22) Chris/Zaizen finish him off (daiya no ace)
-(23) Eijun/Third Years/Miyuki consensual gangbang (daiya no ace)
-(24) Haruichi/Eijun spraying with the hose (daiya no ace)
-(25) Furuya/Haruichi/Eijun relaxing in summer (daiya no ace)
-(26) Kataoka/Oe professional relationship (daiya no ace)
-(27) Tanba/Mei ace's room (daiya no ace)
-(28) Furuya/Eijun doting on Furuya (daiya no ace)
-(29) Furuya/Miyuki/Eijun fast food date (daiya no ace)
-(30) Takako & third years & TetsuJun sharing snacks (daiya no ace)
-(31) Kuramochi/Ryousuke & Haruichi Haruichi the tag-along (daiya no ace)
-(32) Eijun & Tanba fistbump (daiya no ace)
-(33) Ryousuke & Haruichi contrast (daiya no ace)
-(34) Masatoshi/Mei holding Mei back (daiya no ace)
-(35) Miyuki & His Parents old photographs (daiya no ace)
-(36) Tanba/Ryousuke crying (daiya no ace)
-(37) Tanba/Chris or Ryousuke or Miyuki happiness (crying) (daiya no ace)
-(38) Furuya/Haruichi/Eijun ice skating (daiya no ace)
-(39) Tanba & Tetsuya shared looks (daiya no ace)
-(40) Kuramochi/Ryousuke partnership (daiya no ace)
-(41) Kuramochi & Haruichi paired up (daiya no ace)
-(42) Tanba & Nori or Miyuki or Seidou head rub for luck (daiya no ace)
-(43) Kuramochi/Ryousuke dog and gem (daiya no ace)
-(44) Miyuki/Shirakawa don't utter that name (daiya no ace)
-(45) Ryousuke/Tanba abomination inside the shrine (daiya no ace)
-(46) Eijun & Ryousuke or Kuramochi & Haruichi mistaken brother (daiya no ace)
-(47) Oikawa/Kageyama toothbrushing kink (haikyuu)
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I LOVE MEMORY ROUND, go hard or go home time to do as many fills as I'm physically able because I have no good judgment!!

-(01) Maki/Hanayo (love live) for [personal profile] jeilovesyou: Maki is less shy about showing Hanayo her new musical arrangement once she thinks to be shy about trying to kiss her instead (just to see what it would be like.)
-(02) Maki/Rin/Hanayo (love live) for [personal profile] adamantine: Maki, Rin, and Hanayo graduate from Otonokizaka.
-(03) Eli/Umi (love live) for [personal profile] psiten: Mu's has a ten year reunion sponsored by the pokemon company. Eli and Umi meet early at their rehearsal space to discuss the event.
-(04) Nico & Rin & Hanayo (love live) for [personal profile] adamantine: Rin and Hanayo invite Nico to go with them to the arcade. Nico is less than enthused about it, and is definitely not excited to play against her friends at dancing games.
-(05) Masatoshi/Mei (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] tsunderekita: Mei falls asleep on the bus back to Inashiro after a game, and Masatoshi is obliging enough to carry his sleepy self in to the dorms.
-(06) Masatoshi/Mei (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] tsunderekita: Mei actually needs Masatoshi's help getting something down from a high shelf. He's not graceful about asking.
-(07) Chris/Tanba (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] kuramochi: Chris and Tanba return to Seidou five years later for an alumni game against the current first string. Tanba finally gets to pitch to Chris.
-(08) Tanba & Furuya (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] doxian: Furuya makes an opportunity to thank Tanba for his good example as the team's previous ace. Tanba is embarrassed by the praise.
-(09) Maki/Rin (love live) for [personal profile] underscored: Maki invites Rin to her family's cottage and they go stargazing together.
-(10) Nico/Hanayo (love live) for [personal profile] underscored: Dancing together at their friends' wedding, it turns out Nico isn't exactly jealous, she just wants to be appreciated, too.
-(11) Umi/Rin (love live) for [personal profile] underscored: Umi and Rin move in together after college. Umi fears Rin won't fit into her lifestyle, living together.
-(12) Maki/Hanayo (love live) for [personal profile] tsunderekita: Maki is sick; Hanayo comes over to cook her rice porridge to help her get better.
-(13) Eli/Umi (love live) for [personal profile] qingtian: Eli takes up a new hobby to improve her accessory making; her very first effort is a gift for Umi.
-(14) Chris/Zaizen (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] athiefshome: It's when they're on the same middle school team playing together, that Zaizen first sees Chris style his hair in the way he begins to favor during high school.
-(15) Chris/Zaizen (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] raernix: Chris and Zaizen take a little vacation together. When Zaizen wakes up earlier than him, Chris catches him going skinnydipping.
-(16) Chris/Tanba (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] doxian: Chris and Tanba share a quiet, intimate moment together, alone in the Seidou weight room.
-(17) Ryousuke/Tanba (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] hqqt: Ryousuke is the one who put Tanba on the throne he's sitting in, with all the responsibilities of a kingdom weighing on his shoulders. And Ryousuke will see that he stays there.
-(18) Honoka/Eli (love live) for [personal profile] underscored: Honoka has a rough day at the recording studio. When Eli hears about this, she prepares her girlfriend a soothing surprise.
-(19) Miyuki/Furuya (daiya no ace) for [personal profile] doxian: Furuya has been exceptionally tense lately. Miyuki devises a means of making him relax.
-(20) Maki/Hanayo (love live) for [personal profile] tsunderekita: Hanayo teaches everyone in mu's how to make onigiri, but it's Maki's hands she can't stop admiring most of all.
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The first prompt-and-fill round this year is MEMORY, which is one of my favorite themes because it's soooooo open to possibilities. Which means eventually, probably, I will make Very Many Prompts, and this is a list of all of them if anyone would like to be enticed / to make something specifically for me.

-(01) Dragon/ & Yurie (ping pong)
-(02) Rei/ & Momoe (daiya no ace & oofuri) [filled!]
-(03) Kataoka/ & Oe (daiya no ace & chihayafuru) [filled!]
-(04) Maki (Hisa)/Nozomi or Eli or Nico (love live & saki)
-(05) Kataoka/ & Oe (daiya no ace & chihayafuru) [filled x2!!]
-(06) Koizumi Jo & Hanayo (ping pong & love live)
-(07) Oikawa/Furuya (haikyuu & daiya no ace) [filled!]
-(08) Miyuki/Kise (daiya no ace & kuroko no basuke) [filled!]
-(09) Miyuki/Arakita (daiya no ace & yowapeda)
-(10) Kinjou & Umi (yowapeda & love live) [filled x2!!]
-(11) Abe & Furuya (oofuri & daiya no ace) [filled!]
-(12) Inui Hinako & Inui Sadaharu (shokugeki & prince of tennis)
-(13) Tadokoro Jin & Tadokoro Megumi (yowapeda & shokugeki)
-(14) Dojima & Kinjou (shokugeki & yowapeda)
-(15) Kuramochi/ & Shinomiya (daiya no ace & shokugeki)
-(16) Oikawa & Eijun (haikyuu & daiya no ace)
-(17) Oikawa/ & Ryousuke (haikyuu & daiya no ace) [filled!]
-(18) Aomine/Agon (kuroko no basuke & eyeshield 21) [filled!]
-(19) Dragon & Akira (ping pong & hikaru no go)
-(20) Demon & Teshima & Mitani (ping pong, yowapeda, hikaru no go) [filled!]
-(21) Miyuki & Abe (daiya no ace & oofuri)
-(22) Dojima/Inui/Shinomiya (shokugeki no soma)
-(23) Kinjou/Toudou (yowapeda)
-(24) Hanayo/Maki (love live) [filled!]
-(25) Tadokoro/ & Fukutomi (yowapeda)
-(26) Tadokoro/ & Arakita (yowapeda) [filled!]
-(27) Tadokoro/Kinjou (yowapeda) [filled!]
-(28) Kinjou/Imaizumi ( & Teshima ) (yowapeda)
-(29) Tadokoro/Toudou (yowapeda)
-(30) Kinjou/Imaizumi (yowapeda)
-(31) Tetsu/Jun/Takako (daiya no ace)
-(32) Miyuki/Tanba (daiya no ace)
-(33) Takumi & Nikumi (shokugeki no soma)
-(34) Tanba/ & Mei (daiya no ace)
-(35) Chris/Tanba (daiya no ace) [filled!]
-(36) Ryousuke/Tanba (daiya no ace) [filled!]
-(37) Chris & Miyuki (daiya no ace)
-(38) Ryousuke/Miyuki (daiya no ace) [filled!]
-(39) Miyuki/Shunshin (daiya no ace)
-(40) Kataoka/Rei (daiya no ace)
-(41) Imaizumi/Teshima (yowapeda)
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Hopefully I'll do at least one fill before the round ends. This post is here to hold me accountable. Also Lin reposted her murder meetcute prompt and if I don't write Arakita and Imaizumi trying to kill each other I will never forgive myself. Hold me to this.

EDIT: I didn't write Arakita and Imaizumi trying to kill each other and I am a failure. Maybe sometime after SASO. Pour one out for my lack of fills in the BBR.
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I was too lazy to make this post properly but I want to keep track of fills done for me so eventually there will be links here. Probably. I hope. Why yes I am just making placeholder posts right now.
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This isn't really a round that needs to be kept track of in this way, but as I've gone to the effort of sorting all of my rec lists into themed lists by fandom, pairing, or character, I really would like them to be easily search-able.

I've only posted three so far but I put together twenty lists that I just... Need to actually write recommendations about, so I guess WATCH THIS SPACE!!!
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Ah yes, the remix round, also known as "time to collect every piece of art people did that I can write fic for, because remixing anything else is too hard." I'm gonna go hard.

-(01) Teshima/Aoyagi (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] kiriska, in which Teshima and Aoyagi steal a kiss.
-(02) Tadokoro & Aoyagi (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] kiriska, in which Tadokoro and Aoyagi bond over a buffet.
-(03) Maki/Hanayo (love live) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] luckycricket33, in which Maki and Hanayo view the stars from their school's roof.
-(04) Miyahara & Manami (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] winterstuck, in which Miyahara muses on the nature of Manami.
-(05) Tadokoro/Makishima (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] winterstuck, in which Tadokoro and Makishima have a hilariously awkward reunion.
-(06) Fukutomi/Shinkai (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] kiriska, in which Fukutomi watches Shinkai's rabbit, and Shinkai expresses his gratitude.
-(07) Imaizumi/Sugimoto (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] luckycricket33, in which Imaizumi and Sugimoto share the world's most awkward first kiss.
-(08) Imaizumi/Teshima (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] kiriska, in which Imaizumi's attempts at comfort are met with coolness and a reminder about Teshima's "no kissing" policy.
-(09) Miki & Imaizumi (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] winterstuck, in which Miki meets Imaizumi for the first time.
-(10) Onoda & Makishima (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] kiriska, in which Onoda gets Makishima into love live. Makishima accepts his fate.
-(11) Fukutomi/Shinkai/Arakita (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] winterstuck, in which Fukutomi takes a bath, Arakita definitely does NOT think about sucking the D, and Shinkai is... There, making everything worse.
-(12) Aya/Miki (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] kiriska, in which Miki needs a pick-me-up after work, and her girlfriend Aya is there to provide.
-(13) Imaizumi/Teshima (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] kiriska, in which Imaizumi makes a mess, and Teshima makes sure he cleans it up.
-(14) Teshima/Aoyagi (yowamushi pedal) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] kiriska, in which Teshima and Aoyagi already have a comfortable routine, before they even start living together.
-(15) Maki/Rin/Hanayo (love live) as a remix of this fill by [personal profile] dandywonderous, in which Maki prepares a song to play for Rin and Hanayo. They surprise her by showing up while she's practicing.
-(16) Nozomi/Eli & Nico & Rin (love live) as a remix of this art by [personal profile] noepix, in which Nozomi and Eli challenge Nico and Rin to a watergun fight. Everyone wins.
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As this is the remixes round, it doesn't actually INVOLVE prompts. But as I use my prompt posts to keep track of whether people have filled my prompts, this will just be a place to keep track of remixes done for me.

(I'll probably fuck up and lose some, but hey, I'm doing my best.)

-(01) Aya/Miki remix by [personal profile] luckycricket33 for this fill.
-(02) Nozomi/Eli remix by [personal profile] luckycricket33 for this fill and also this one by [personal profile] krankran.
-(03) Tadokoro/Toudou remix by [personal profile] luckycricket33 for this fill.
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This round is picture prompts, and after pretty much taking BR3 off, I am determined to go hard or go home — and to actually write short for a danged change. I got this.

-(01) Makishima/Imaizumi (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] doxian: Imaizumi gives Makishima a massage, while quietly pining that it isn't Kinjou whose muscles he's loosening.
-(02) Sugimoto & Teshima (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] elucidatedlucy: Teshima is a good senpai to Sugimoto, as they prepare support for their team.
-(03) Toudou/Fukutomi & Manami (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] elucidatedlucy: Toudou frets about leaving the team behind, Manami is indifferent, and Fukutomi is sympathetic, in his stoic way.
-(04) Tadokoro/Makishima (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] hapaxlegomenon: Tadokoro isn't disrespectful of Makishima. He's just really familiar with them.
-(05) Imaizumi/Teshima (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] doxian: Imaizumi describes the moment when Teshima first impressed him and how it took his breath away. Teshima offers to take his breath away in a different way.
-(06) Makishima & Teshima (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] doxian: Teshima goes to Makishima for advice. Makishima isn't exactly helpful, but nor is he discouraging.
-(07) Kinjou & Sugimoto (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] elucidatedlucy: Sugimoto brags to the other first years about how Kinjou isn't really so tough. He comes to regret it.
-(08) Imaizumi & Miki (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] elucidatedlucy: Imaizumi asks Miki about novelty bike products. She catches onto his intentions even when he doesn't mean to reveal them.
-(09) Aya/Miki (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] elucidatedlucy: Aya talks to Miki about how her girlfriend, who loves bikes more than anything, never rides one. It's bittersweet.
-(10) Kinjou/Makishima (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] doxian: Kinjou comes to visit with Makishima in England. They reunite at the airport.
-(11) Kinjou/Tadokoro/Makishima (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] doxian: Kinjou, Tadokoro, and Makishima bathe together. There is bickering and hair-washing and it's kind of a disaster, but Kinjou is used to that.
-(12) Kinjou/Arakita (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] doxian: The Yonan road racing club makes a curious choice in training retreat. Kinjou and Arakita take advantage of the onsen — and it's unexpected privacy — anyway.
-(13) Kinjou/Miki (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] elucidatedlucy: Kinjou runs into Miki when she's out biking for the first time in a long time. They talk about things they shouldn't give up on.
-(14) Kinjou/Makishima (yowamushi pedal) for [personal profile] uwu_anon: Kinjou and Makishima keep cool on a hot summer day.
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Ah yes, an art post round. I am ready. I am far too ready. I am prepared with an ass-ton of screencaps on my harddrive and the intention to only apply them in the worst possible ways.

-(01) Toudou/ & Shinkai (yowamushi pedal)
-(02) Imaizumi/Sugimoto (yowamushi pedal)
-(03) Hiruma/Rui (eyeshield 21)
-(04) Onoda & Makishima OR Kinjou OR Tadokoro (yowamushi pedal)
-(05) Machimiya/Fukutomi (yowamushi pedal) [filled!]
-(06) Hiruma/Musashi (eyeshield 21)
-(07) Agon/Unsui (eyeshield 21) [filled!]
-(08) Kinjou & Agon (yowamushi pedal & eyeshield 21) [filled!]
-(09) Abe & Miyuki (oofuri & daiya no ace)
-(10) Hiruma & Nozomi (eyeshield 21 & love live)
-(11) Hiruma/Agon (eyeshield 21) [filled!]
-(12) Shinkai/Fukutomi (yowamushi pedal)
-(13) Kinjou/Makishima (yowamushi pedal)
-(14) Kinjou/Tadokoro/Makishima (yowamushi pedal)
-(15) Kinjou/Koseki (yowamushi pedal)
-(16) Imaizumi/Onoda (yowamushi pedal) [filled!]
-(17) Fukutomi/Toudou (yowamushi pedal)
-(18) Onoda & Naruko (yowamushi pedal)
-(19) Tadokoro/Fukutomi (yowamushi pedal)
-(20) Hiruma & Fukutomi or Kinjou or Midousuji or Machimiya (eyeshield 21 & yowamushi pedal)
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Soundtracks round is never inspiring to me, so I was giving myself the round off. Nevertheless, I still ended up writing a couple things.

-(01) Rin/Maki (love live) for [personal profile] underscored: Rin convinces Maki to come down from her window and swim on a sunny day, rather than staying inside studying.
-(02) Arakita/Toudou (yowapeda) for [personal profile] princesssid: Arakita hates how full of himself Toudou is, how Toudou went pro and it went to his head and Arakita doesn't even race any more. Arakita also loves how into himself Toudou is. It's tough.
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