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I'm counting on having maybe 24 hours after signups close to write this. If I haven't written this yet, please click the tags listed on this entry for whatever fandom we've matched on; the details in my previous letters will cover maybe 90% of what I requested.

Update: should be done letter by Friday, invitation to read past letters instead stands.
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Hello, mystery creator!

Sports anime is my home, and as such this is one of my favorite exchanges. Whichever fandom(s) we've matched on, I'm very excited to see what you might create for me. Every character I've requested is one I really love within their series, and while I've specified ships I like between these characters, I will be equally happy whether I receive gen fic or ship fic. The way to my heart is definitely through giving these characters I love space to shine!

With sports anime, I tend to prefer more light-hearted content that's in keeping with the tone of the shows themselves. I love the themes of teamwork and friendship and competition, and I love seeing how characters push each other and grow together. For specific info on what I like and dislike seeing in stories, please read this post here.

If you read nothing else from my letter or my other links, however, please consider this: I would like for you to avoid any content with gratuitous angst for angst's sake, rape, abuse, physical assault, terminal or mental illnesses, homophobia as a plot device, jealousy as a plot device, pregnancy or child-rearing, and foot fetishes.

Outside of that, if you have a great idea for a fic about characters I've requested, feel free to ignore everything else I've said! Any story you're excited about writing is one I will be excited about reading.

But if you don't have an idea already, please read on while I talk about my interests with each of the fandoms I've requested. On the off-chance you love AUs, I do too! If you're interested in writing an AU fic, please consider reading this post where I talk about AUs I like and dislike, and things I enjoy seeing in different AUs. And while it's a long shot, I'm including a little section at the end of my letter for crossovers between my fandoms, because hope springs eternal and if you know both fandoms involved, perhaps you'll be inspired.

And with that all said, let's talk specifics.

Yowamushi Pedal )

Daiya no Ace )

Hikaru no Go )

Chihayafuru )

Ping Pong: The Animation )

Crossover Possibilities )
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Hello, mystery creator!

First, thank you for writing for me. My signup seems to be a greatest hits of animanga fandoms I've loved in recent years and I'm delighted our interests overlap on one of these counts.

That said, my optional details on AO3 are pretty specific this go-around, so I'd primarily like to make use of this space to talk about my general likes and dislikes in fiction. I've also given specific prompts for each of my fandoms, which you are welcome to draw from if you need a place to start and are equally welcome to ignore if you have an idea of your own you'd like to run with.

And with this, the letter! )
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Hello there, mystery creator!

I've gotten really long-winded in my exchange letters, so I'll try and reel this one in. First, thank you so much for writing for me! I love all the series I've requested from a great deal, and I'm glad we've connected on one of these fandoms. I'm sure whatever you write will be lovely, so I'd just like to use this space to talk about things I generally like and dislike to see in stories, and give some little scenario suggestions in case you'd like a place to start.

Onward with the letter! )
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Hello there, mystery creator!

I tried to put a bit of information in my sign-up requests, but I'm always so happy to have the space to talk directly about what I love and loathe in exchange stories. I absolutely adore sports series in general because the format really appeals to me, and because the themes of teamwork, competition, and friendship are exactly what I love in stories. Hopefully since you're also participating with this exchange, our tastes will overlap nicely!

Also wow I'm sorry in advance for how long this is, I'm just assuming that you're matched with me based on one or two fandoms and can skip the parts of this for ones you don't know.

But let's continue on to more specifics )
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