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SASO: Bonus Round 5 Fills

Mythology and Lore Round! There are no prompts, which is always weird for me, but I'm gonna have fun, here we go.

-(01) Chris/Tanba (daiya no ace): During his ordeal to be recognized as a knight of the realm, Tanba comes face to face with the goddess — god? — of his knight order in the (arguable) flesh.
-(02) Nozomi/Rin (love live): Witch Nozomi believes in the importance of familiars, especially for a witch who deals in wishes and has few of her own friends. She's always wondered what a cat's wish would be like.
-(03) Miyuki/Miyuki & Kataoka/Miyuki (daiya no ace): Miyuki has a specific fantasy about being watched, one about a very specific person. As it turns out, when it's something sinister doing the watching, Miyuki enjoys the experience somewhat less than he expected.
-(04) Ryousuke/Tanba (daiya no ace): Knight Tanba saves a stranger from an attacking monster. Said stranger makes certain he's aware of their gratitude.
-(05) Maki/Honoka (love live): Maki is given a shiny egg-shaped stone as a gift after one of her piano recitals. She doesn't know why she takes such good care of it, but she's glad for what comes of it.
-(06) Kotori/Hanayo (love live): Kotori is a songbird with no dreams of her own and Hanayo is a hedge witch who doesn't trust in her own gifts. Together they can be something stronger.
-(07) Maki/Rin (love live): Maki is a witch who knows she must pass through the forest guardian's domain; what she doesn't know is just what kind of person to expect out of a guardian.
-(08) Rin/Hanayo (love live): Cat shapeshifter loves to chase her human girlfriend, because in a way, Hanayo really does like to be chased.
-(09) Nico/Maki (love live): Nico wants to know the secrets to eternal youth and beauty, because of course magical creatures must be hiding something. Maki intimates that she's willing to impart what she knows.
-(10) Maki/Hanayo (love live): Maki enjoys being immobilized by her nature spirit girlfriend, because having control taken from her means she can relax in her perfectionism and allow herself to focus on being loved.
-(11) Kotori/Honoka (love live): Bird golem Kotori is empty inside and even though it feels normal to her, she just wants Honoka to see first-hand the absence of her heart.
-(12) Honoka/Eli (love live): Whenever Honoka and Eli kiss, Honoka burns her girlfriend. She's endlessly apologetic, but Eli really doesn't mind.
-(13) Nozomi/Umi (love live): Mermaid Umi gets in the habit of watching the girl who comes down to the shore at moonrise to swim naked in the surf. One of those nights, Nozomi catches Umi staring.
-(14) Nico/Hanayo(/Maki) (love live): Skinwalker Nico can't help but be envious of Maki's life and envious of Maki's girlfriend for being with her, and as a peerless performer, the only approach she knows to jealousy is inserting herself in another person's place.
-(15) Nozomi/Maki (love live): Maki is the only one who seems to notice that Nozomi isn't entirely human; they find each other fascinating, to the point of Nozomi holding Maki hypnotized by herself.
-(16) Eli/Umi (love live): Umi finds herself stranded outside a mountain shrine in the dead of winter, where her only hope to survive without freezing is to convince the ice maiden of the mountain to let her inside.
-(17) Honoka/Eli (love live): In which Honoka is a knight come to slay a dragon and rescue a princess, but it turns out dragon and princess are one and the same, and nothing turns out nearly as she had expected.
-(18) Akira/Hikaru (hikaru no go): Magic AU, Akira is a mage who's long followed his father's teachings; Hikaru shows up mysteriously at the palace to challenge him to a mage's duel.